Monday, September 4, 2017

Nature in Door County

My spouse and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Door County in Wisconsin for the long weekend. We both truly love being on or by the water and although the weather was somewhat cool for early September, it was delightful. We stayed at a B and B and walked around. We found many great art pieces at an outdoor art fair; and just enjoyed watching nature.

Here are a few of nature's highlights:
Sunset on Egg Harbor
Gorgeous view across the water!  Love the crystal clear water with multitudes of  pebbles.

A different morning with wave action.
More ripples and rocks!  ( little ones)
Large lily pads... so enticing.

Taking off shoes to wade in the water.


I am always entranced by the sun on top and through the water.

But I did get some hand embroidery done.

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  1. Gorgeous photos. I could look at water all day long, especially with the sun reflecting off of it.