Thursday, May 23, 2024

Another retreat

 I had the delightful opportunity to go on another quilting retreat.  This one is in rural Wisconsin southwest of Madison, our capitol. I love this one where you can see the sunset over the fields and farms. And the weather was warm, which I had not quite anticipated.  And the air conditioner was turned on when only in the 70s.  Oh well.

But the food, the comradery, the shared ideas, and the hours of quilting.  So great to get things moving on projects. We had trivia and campfire songs, and lots of fun together. And I forgot the good food, although my stomach was revolting at the time.

Anyway, here are some of their projects:

This was an exchange project. Many of the knick knacks are personal and titles on books , family photos, etc. Very cool! Love the arched center.

A found set of blocks from a free table 

Fat cat designs of a Southern Gentlemen from last fall.

Things I worked on:
Quilted my small flag quilt to send to Mom for her door. 
It was a free pattern from Buttermilk Basin without the applique, a UFO from the past.
The binding was handsewn once I got home.

Another flag banner which had been left as a top last year.
Also hand sewn binding at home.

This is Bonnie Hunter's Bitcoin pattern with large strips of color in between.  
It was a UFO from 2021:     link for the  bitcoin start
I ran out of the pieced parts and will had 2 more strips: 
one pieced and one solid making a twin quilt.

These blocks were comprised of the hourglass blocks leftover from another wall hanging. 
Blocks were made over a year ago.
I left the back of odd blocks at home. 
So it will end up longer. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Machine quilting

 I really like to send my quilts out for others to do the wonderful quilting. And that is my go to for the larger quilts. Quilting by check book, so they say.   And I prefer my hand work to be applique or cross stitch or embroidery. So no hand quilting here, although I have tried it and like it. 

But several smaller tops have been waiting for my to finish by machine.  And I was even supposed to enter one in the recent guild show that had been started. I can do straight line stitch in the ditch, I even have a great stipple that I can do large or small. A set of quilting templates have been sitting unused.   Excuses, excuses. 

So I got the guild show one out and have been working on it several evenings. 

So here are a few progress photos:  free motion tiny stippling around the wool applique.

I                                                     like how that turned out. 

Straight line quilting in the blocks with a walking foot.
I just wish I had a BSR to keep the stitches an even length. 

Progress so far.  And I have a couple plans in place for a few of the other areas.
This is my stay at home round robin from a couple years ago. 

Sunday, we had the coolest rain while it was sunny.  And I got a short little video. But it would not transfer to my computer. 
But here is the double rainbow in the other direction.  
God is good!

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Round the blocks!

 I am so excited to get my basic 8 blocks completed!   I had to, of course, make extra single blocks to frame the larger circles.  But that it ok; I have lots of strips cut to the 1 1/2 inch size.  

2  different angles.

So now I realized it is already 100 inches long and that does not include any sashing which I plan to add in black.  That is just too long for a twin bed. That makes it is easy to decide on  9 blocks and make it more squarish of a 3 by 3 setting. And then add the borders all around the 4 sides. 

Making a light blue centered block for the 9th block...

This will go on a back burner until my fall retreat where I will collaborate with a creative friend. Or I may just let it marinate as I decide what to do for borders.  I have a couple ideas. but having a friend  who has good ideas and helps try them out is awesome.   She even helps work on the math. I do enjoy working with her. 

Friday, May 3, 2024

Little projects and blocks

 I just have been chugging along on projects.  Although a headache/migraine slowed me down for several days. That is so not like me. 

Here I made more of my rounded log cabin quilt.  I think I only need about a dozen more for the basic 8 blocks. I haven't decided if I need 4 large blocks of 13 individual blocks more to make it bigger? 

I also finished my round robing block for guild which is due next week.  The square in a square blocks are 2 inch paper pieced. it was hard to decide what to do as most all her colors were blues and yellows. I just need to pull off the newsprint paper from the back.

I also made an improvisation block for my May  Stash Bee. Interesting. 

I am enjoying the lovely spring weather. My lilacs are starting to show the purple flowers almost ready to open. We have a ground hog coming and going in the back.  He was even sun bathing on our porch.  And I did buy some pots of a fern and a coleus for outdoors. 

Here is a new visitor to the back porch: 

Monday, April 29, 2024

Spring quilting

 I have been busy sewing away.  It is such a relaxing past time to sit at the machine and listen to podcasts or music and stitch away. 

I am forging ahead to finish more of my Rainbow Scrap quilt from the past (2021) .  Here is the 4th block of the design.  I did a yellow center in the color of the month on  soscrappy.

And I realized I had only ordered  regular yardage for the back of my fall flannel quilt.  So I used some of the leftover layer cake squares and charm pack to add to the beautiful pumpkin fabric. 

As last week closed, I checked my calendar to determine I had some time finally to visit my mom in Indianapolis. So I whipped up a butterfly quilt for her door in the nursing home.. These are 30s fabrics to go with the decade she was born in. The squares are 3/4 inch. 

I had a wonderful visit with her albeit short couple of days.  She knew who I was which is indeed a blessing. I brought a photo album her mother had made showing her grandparents and her parents and their first house all the way up to college and meeting my dad. 

We are so pleased that she likes this nursing home. The caregivers are wonderful.

Friday, April 19, 2024

RSC 2021

So after making the plan for my rainbow scrap challenge, I continued to cut more inch and a half strips for additional fabrics to add to each quarter of a circle.  

( Here is the link I utilized for measurements:  Curved log cabin) My block finishes at 5 and 3/4 inches and the full circle to 11 inches. I have had to check this over and over as I keep LOSING my copy. 

And here are three sections  of the design which I have completed over the last week:

Taking pictures are good : you can see the mistake so you can fix it. 

And on a whim, I had lots of 1 1/2 inch squares left that were or originally planned for sashing. 
I decided to try tiny piecing.   Here is the first block. 
I now have 5 1 and 1/2 inch blocks made. Pieces are 1/4 inch.
My goal is to make a 3 by 4 squares mini quilt for next year's quilt show. 

I did finish a spring wall hanging for my mom!  This monthly was was an applique where I went around the edges of the pieces as I quilted it since it was so small. Only 14 inches square.  I forgot to take a finished picture:  but here is the pattern in wool.  I just used cotton fabrics from my stash. 
And as a real cheater, I just double turned the edges for the binding and sewed them down. 

oops no photo!

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Retreat time

 Don't you just love getting together with fellow quilters at retreats?  I sure do.  I don't know what is the best part:  sharing ideas, acquiring fabrics and patterns from each other, uninterrupted sewing time, or just comradery. And I can't forget the part about getting meals fixed for you and not having to clean up the kitchen.  Well, the snack table is also a "treat". 

Yes, retreats are the best!  It was a week ago, but I still wanted to post the progress and the other projects.

I was able to finish 2 quilt tops. 

The first one was started last fall for my daughter. It is a batik quilt which used the Moda Blockheads 5 blocks for group 1. 

This is my plan for the quilt using my RSC rounded log cabins made during the year 2021.
I had a box with 9 full circles and 36 single blocks.  During retreat I made at least 24 for single blocks for the setting. In between the blocks will be black sashing. 

Then I assembled the units for this flannel panel and pattern from primitive Gatherings and coordinating plaid fabrics by Bonnie Sullivan for sashing.
I fell in love with it the first time I saw it and have worked on it periodically. It has been in time out since fall. But now it is a flimsy. Hooray! 

Here are quilts from other friends:  Jodi



Karen: Tula Pink fabrics and pattern

Friday, March 29, 2024

Quilt Show!

 My guild does a quilt show yearly.  And even before I became a member, I always admired the wonderful judged quilts on display, many from states nearby: Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. Plus I always enjoyed the luncheon which traditionally was a sloppy joe. Now there is a new caterer with even more lunch selections. And of course, there are about 25 vendors, along with the bargain bin and used book and magazine table.  Such a worthwhile visit! 

I still love it, and had the pleasure of seeing the quilts as they were hung, during the show, and then when they were taken down. 

I thought I would show you some of my favorites. 

Best of Show

Best Machine workmanship

Close up of one celtic design of which there were many in both of those quilts.
They were both 

Amazing details in this one. 

Sew darn cute: Bears in space

Loved the colors of this one; the aqua sets it off beautifully.

Great design pineapples and log cabins, plus applique.  

This one was drawn and designed by a good friend.  The  scales are dimensional, and the colors are amazing.  

I got to see these up close as I helped to hang half of them. Plus I toured the show as I worked it and then helped take them down.  Over 150 quilts.  Busy weekend. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Whirly gig it is!

 I am excited to join another blog hop.  This time the theme is Give it a Whirl.  Oh what fun to check out lots of patterns and ideas.  I knew I wanted something springy and had collected fabrics last year for such a project and they were still sitting there waiting for me. 

Carol at Just let Me Quilt is sponsoring this hop and I hope you find fun and wonderful ideas.

But what design to choose?   Half square triangles, dresden plates, dear me.  Opportunities were endless. 

But then I ran across this pattern from Anka's Treasures whom I have followed for decades before Heather Mulder Peterson was married or had kids.  She now designs fabrics as well. And her colors are so pretty. 

I modified the size of the pieces making four flowers.  It has been fun!

I selected spring colors to get me in my mood for spring. 

40" by 42"  ( I will probably add a white border.)

Happy whirly spring.  I thought the flowers looked like windmills.  

Heart Blossoms pattern can be found here ( Missouri Star Quilt Company).
I also found it on etsy if you are interested.

Don't forget to check the other bloggers who are whirling!

Saturday, March 16, 2024

My Fast and More Fun blog day

 I was so happy to be included in this blog display for Villa Rosa Designs. Love another opportunity to rummage in my stash for something fun.  

These are the 5 pattern cards we were given to choose from.  And I was excited to choose.  ( And like kids in a candy store,  I wanted to do them ALL.)  

And rummage around  I did to find something for me and something to give. 

First off, being as it was last month, a couple of Valentine charm packs were found to make this great pattern for a table runner.   These were Flirtations designed by Sandy Gervais many years ago.  The colors remind me of strawberries and chocolate: great combinations. 

It was great to arrange patterns and colors balancing them just right.  And I did it a few times to create the length I needed for a table runner to fit my table.  I added a brown inch strip for making the flange to frame the blocks. Lastly a contrasting red border and brown binding finished up the top. 

As it was a geometric and simple design, I just quilted it by stitching in the ditch. And the binding was sewn while watching tv. 


I love it!  Yeah! fabrics that needed to be used for a holiday!  Just what I needed. 

And for my second creation, I selected the pattern Gypsy and had these leftover fabrics from a quilt for my grandsons when they were toddlers. Bright boy colors and designs just ready for another boy!   Originally, it was a layer cake and yardage.  

It made a perfect baby quilt: 

It was easy to utilize the group of fabrics called Rockets and Robots.  I balanced the colors having the same print on opposite sides of the design. 

The back was yardage pieced to match it. 

The quilting designs were just loop de loops using a King Tut variegated thread. 

The quilt is rather puffy which I like as I used a wool batting. 

I did add a circular piece of fabric to the center as the focus. 
Off to space I go!  

Thanks to Tricia of Villa Rosa for including me in the hop! 
These are easy and quick patterns to make. I'm sure you will enjoy them. 

Don't forget to leave a comment.  Three will be selected for entering to win the prizes.