Monday, July 25, 2022


 Who doesn't have UFOs?  And seriously, how many do we all have?  No reveals in this blog post.                   

So when Joan brought up a blog hop for this purpose, I jumped right on that train.  Having a deadline is just what I need.  

And which one to do?   HMMMM.  I decided that being July, I need to finish that 4th of July project sitting in a box. 

Opened up the box.  Yeah!    The pattern is there and all the fabrics.    Boo!   I had hardly started it. There was only some of that cutting done. Seriously, this needs more work than I thought. 

The pattern was a free one from Fort Worth Fabric Shop in Texas. The date was 2018. 
And I loved the design, but changed the dimensions shrinking the blocks to 8 inch size. 

Don't you just love the fireworks background. 
 Step 1: Setting blocks

Step 2 Star blocks


Borders and quilting:

Some of the quilting from the back.  
It needs some fillers in the star blocks and accents in the flying geese.  
Unfortunately, I am quilting in my bedroom not my sewing room due to kitchen remodeling. 

I will have to finish it when I can get back to my sewing table. 

But I love how it turned out and feel good about how the piecing and quilting went. 
Hope you like it as well. 
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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Little things finished.

 I am enjoying the many blocks of Moda Blockheads.  There are so many designers and versions and colorways and inspiration.  It is a challenge to use my box of leftover pieces of peaches and greens with the hot chocolate background. 

I have 20  blocks made and only 5 more needed for the setting version by Fig Tree quilts designer Joanna Figueroa.  Hooray!

I finished my mini quilt of triangle leftovers:  Final size  8 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches.  That means each half square triangle is  one inch. 

Easy straight line quilting in 4 directions. 

My other goal has been to exercise more.  I rejoined the YMCA and have been alternating between lap swimming and water aerobics.  I think I have made it 10 times in the last 3 weeks. 

The kitchen remodel is progressing.  New cabinets in after the messy dry walling and paint. 
3 weeks to go. 

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Quilting and Art on the Square

 Last weekend we took a trip to Madison, Wisconsin to see the Art on the Square Show.  We have gone for decades and enjoyed every one. Yeah!   Some of the highlights of the many booths that surround our capitol building on all 4 sides. 

The art mediums were so varied: painting of all kinds and sizes, ceramics, jewelry: of course, wood, fabric and paper.  Here are a few of the many exhibits/booths.

So inspirational and such a great time!

Then I have been sewing and sewing in my new "studio" in my bedroom.  It is a nice retreat away from the house.

Here are the cut offs for a project I will reveal in a couple weeks and I have another pile of more of these.  

So what to do?  As I went down the distraction road of blogs which I have not done in a while, I found a mini quilt free pattern from Temecula Quilt blog>

Perfect!  She has such wonderful free patterns. And here are all the little blocks.  ( Triangles of 1 1/2 inch size. 

And put together.  Lots of fun and only 8 by 10 inches.  Now to quilt it. 

Next I quilted my simple easy baby quilt.  My attempt at using up some fabric.  Who am I kidding? A couple of charm packs don't dent it. 

As it is a donation quilt, I didn't want to add too much quilting and I had recently purchased a book on straight line quilting.   Simple! I used the guide that came with my walking foot for the first time.


And for hand projects, I finished up the wool pillows from Pieceful Gatherings in Fox Grove, Illinois. 
I did the wool applique LAST year, but just needed a little embroidery and beads and finishing. 


I guess I am getting some things done. 

Friday, July 8, 2022

Kitchen remodel and sewing

 So I am officially out of the kitchen per se.  We are into our 2nd week of the actual kitchen remodel after months of waiting for cabinets to be ordered. The demolition is done, new electrical and plumbing are framed in. And I don't know where anything from my kitchen is except the refrigerator and oven which stand in the bare space.  Boxes are everywhere. Luckily, I have a sink in my laundry room on the main floor. And we have the microwave and a few small appliances there. Oh, and then there is the hubby who does the minimal dishes we use. 

At this point there is no sink or dishwasher and there are holes in the walls from added electrical outlets and recessed lighting. ( The kitchen has 2 steps down into it. )

Onto good things:  I have set up a small sewing area in my bedroom. And I have been making Moda Blockheads 4  and have caught up. I am going to start the setting proposed from Joanna Figuara.

I have plenty of brown/tan for sashings and a lime green print for setting triangles and cornerstones.

I am up to 18 blocks completed out of what will be 25.   I even have an extra 4 inch block of one which I will use for the label.   I am caught up with the series online ( Moda Blockheads 4 both on facebook and online a couple of places.  I love the variation of blocks made by other quilters which inspires me to alter my own coloration and piecing.  I really love practicing a variety of patterns and techniques in blocks which has helped me to improve my piecing skills. 

Indiana puzzle with center feature fabric:

Roundabout : alternate block for 4?

They look kind of blah together.  I hope it is more just a lighting issue, although I know there are mostly medium to light prints.  ( I am trying to finish a box of fabrics after making 2 quilts already. )

While watching tv in the evenings I am working on some cross stitch. A winter pattern of mittens on navy aida . I am doing this one without a hoop. Sure but slow wins the race. 

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Hooray for me!

 I have lots going on. Sometimes life gets super busy and hectic. I just need to go with the flow.

So first of all, I need prayers for my daughter in law.  She has undergone a surgery to implant a tube for in-home kidney dialysis. It has been on the radar since she delivered my 2nd grandson 6 years ago. He was born 2 months early so that she could have kidney medication which would have been detrimental to his in utero growth.   So when I visited two weeks ago, we consulted her nephrologist who said it was time; her kidney function numbers were too low and she had daily symptoms impacting her life negatively. 

Samantha and my oldest grandson

This also precedes a long wait for a kidney/pancreas transplant. It is so hard to be states away from them. I wish I could offer support and care, food and distractions for the boys and general love and hugs in person. 

But onto better things; the remodel for my kitchen has begun. Destruction with massive noise and such began Monday.  End game should be the 2nd week of August. It is exciting to finally be in the actual work stage as the journey with consultations and selections began before Christmas. 

Before                                                                                    After

It is an unusual kitchen : a step down  surrounded by cabinets on all 4 sides, and counters on 2 sides one upper and one lower.

Living out of boxes will be interesting. 

But the best news I have to offer is that I submitted a quilt to be judged at the Wisconsin State Fair. (My first entry and only other entry was way back in 2006.) So I was able to witness the judging in the 30ish categories yesterday.   And I was so excited to earn a 3rd place ribbon.  The first place was a quilter extraordinaire who won 3 first places yesterday and a member/friend in my guild. The only critique was my choice of background as being too thin and the seam allowances showed. I recognized that, but it was what I had yards of for completing it. So much for some online shopping. 

Judge Maribeth Schmit  showing the winners  ( and my quilt)

Other than that, a little bit of sewing before I could not be in my sewing room next to the kitchen.

Moda 4 blockheads

This totals 15 blocks so far: all 9 inch sized.

July 4th wall hanging:         a mess in a box.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

June update

 Well, the weather is certainly a headliner this year.  Cool, cool temperatures to start the month and now quite the opposite with record breaking HOT temperatures. 

My husband and I flew to Louisiana to see the dear grandboys. They are both growing so tall and are always a welcome addition to my lap. Lots and lots of snuggles and kisses. I do love them so. ( Not that I wasn't happy to see their parents, as well.)

Of course logs of computers and video games. 

                Caterpillar from their tomato plants. It is amazing how much can be eaten in a day.

The weather was a 20 degree contrast to Wisconsin, and not exactly favorable to be outside. But we enjoyed books, puzzles, games and more. Additionally, we took them to Houston to expose them to some tourist sites. Of course, they really liked swimming in pools. Go figure! But they are becoming better and better swimmers. 

We toured the NASA site.  Such wonders to remember from my past many years ago. I remember watching so many launches and landings on the TV as a teenager. And we got to see an  an actual Saturn rocket that would have carried a later Apollo mission but was canned while there. A full football field long on its side.( housed inside a building). There were many buildings on the site for all kinds of engineering including the upcoming Artemis missions first to the moon and then on to Mars. The first rocket is already build and being tested yesterday for fuel success. The boys did well for all the activities we saw: movie, tram ride, hands on experiments, and many beautiful replicas. 

Rockets on the end of stage 1  of Saturn

Short trip to the moon, no spacesuits needed.

On top of tower overlooking the 747 that carried the Space Shuttle

Next, we went to the Museum of Natural Science which also included a planetarium and butterfly exhibit. Dinosaurs and dinosaurs, shells, minerals and gems. Such a lot to take in for one day.

And lastly we went to Galveston Beach. A contrast to others as Hurricane Katrina devastated it and now all the silt from the Mississippi empties around it making the water a brown color. The day we were there it was windy with higher waves. The boys learned how to jump and dive through them and of course, dug into the sand.

The trip was marred by the medical news that my daughter in law needs a kidney/pancreas transplant and is going on dialysis. This has been an ongoing struggle as she has Type 1 Diabetes and had kidney struggles with her 2nd pregnancy 6 years ago.  We hold her in our thoughts and prayers. And maybe a 2nd trip to assist with the boys is in the cards for  me.   

Unfortunately, no sewing of any kind was completed for the trip nor did I have any fabric shopping.  Oh well.

But I have worked on a few things in between:    This is a quick baby quilt  using a charm pack.  It's nice to use up some of the stash, but I did need to buy the yellow. 

These are the latest Moda Blockheads 4 blocks making my total to about 10

All for now. Hoping you are having a good summer as well. 

Sunday, June 19, 2022

May doings

 I may have taken a leave from blogging.  And that has been because I have now taken 2 trips this month of May.

First, my husband and I drove to Kansas City, Kansas to the great 100th birthday celebration of his aunt. It was absolutely wonderful to see his cousins and their families. Aunt Dorothy had 7 kids and was married to a World War II vet who had been captured and was in a prison camp for the last 6 months of the war. Over the many years we have had several reunions. Always a fun time. 

This is my husband and his sister with us spouses and dear Aunt Dorothy.

Aunt Dorothy was still very intelligent and perceptive and well liked in her church community. We were so blessed to enjoy her company and know that she has left a lasting presence in the world. She and her belated husband donated land on 87th street in Lenexa for the Sar-Ko-Par Park. 

Always love the Canadian Mounted Moose

Then, my sister was available and we took a trip together to visit our mother in Canada northeast of Toronto in the Kawarthas. It was a long, busy but very fruitful trip. Mom who has Alzheimers and is in a nursing home was able to communicate with us remembering us still and we recalled many wonderful times and relatives together. Not bad for a dear wonderful 90 year old. We even tried a zoom call with her sister and our cousins.


In between I have done lots of little things: 

I finished the wool applique for this piece.  Now I just want to get it framed, instead of quilting it.

And that was May,  mostly. 
Will update for June shortly,  I am currently in Louisiana visiting the grandkids.