Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mini Cake stand !

I have 2 donation quilts I need to get quilted.  It looms over me, but I feel unmotivated. I need to piece a back for one of them, and I need a medium gray to quilt the 2nd.  But I can't seem to get myself to doing it.

 Instead, I have decided to try and complete a UFO for April.  Here is the lay out of my Mini Cake stand quilt. This is little.... each block is a mere 2 and a half inches.  The instructions were online during a summer from Temecula Quilt Company in California. 

So I pieced them all in my stash of fat quarters of Kansas Troubles fabric.  The bottom left rows are together. I am missing 2 squares of the background and will look for them tonight. 

The layout is also one they have suggested, although 2 others were also shown.

And I also completed 2 more Rainbow Scrap challenge blocks. This month I am doing multicolor. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Baby blue!

My sister asked me to make a quilt for her old neighbor. The only request was blue and more of a modern style without lots of pieces.  I couldn't find a soft baby blue, so I went with grays and blues and coordinated them with the fabric of jeans pockets which is the border.

I started with an online picture and then randomized it adding colors or pieces as I thought fit. My quilting was an overall rounded free motion.

But I did add a "C" for the baby's last name and the year 2017 for the birth year.

Slow stitching for Sunday will be the binding.

Oh, and don't forget to see my quilt show pictures on the previous post.

Crazy quilters' quilt show


Here are one of the quilts from the quilt show in Mukwonago today Saturday. ( If you live near Milwaukee , Wisconsin, come tomorrow.  It is at the local middle school on 83, the main street in town.

I love this show. It always inspires me  after the long winter. Today was no exception. Plus their sloppy jo is always good.  The theme was 30s fabrics as it is the 30th anniversary show.

 Enjoy the pictures. I will recall what details I can

This first one was a small one done by Shirley, a friend of mine. It's quilting had been done on an embroidery machine. Very pretty.  

The next two are also in the category.  The first one was done by another friend, Helen. The squares are one inch. The dots in the borders are yoyos.

I saw this one at guild from a distance. I really liked the grays in between the bright flowers. She has used Press n Seal for her designs on quilting.  She lamented taking all the pieces off afterward.

The following 3 were made by the same quilter.  Oh, my goodness! The last one was the overall winner and also the winner of hand workmanship.  Outstanding, 

The back of this one had the same color backgrounds on the back which went around the circle like a  color study. And the details of the quilting were so beautiful and were done in a variety of colors as well as a variegated thread in some areas. 

This one had such amazing applique and quilting; the back was a solid white like the front. Cross hatching size was about a quarter inch.  

There are not enough superlatives to express how beautiful this quilt is.  What a great Baltimore album quilt!  It is stunning!

I keep meaning to do this one as I have the paper pieces.  Lucy Boston, I believe.  It is also hand quilted.
This one was done by a fellow quilt member, Nancy. The pattern was from a Piecemakers calendar in 2003.  She redesigned the center to replicate her grandfather's barn.  There are so many tiny details of embroidered flowers, silk ribbon embroidery, applique clouds, and the selection of barn fabrics, stones, grasses and more really made it. Plus all her homespuns were on grainline. It only took her 5 years to make and she hangs it in her sewing room.

 I really neat modern quilt, with many quilting designs emblazoned in the white sections.

The reds in this one were so varied and really made the quilt stand out from a distance. 

I loved this tiny little one...smaller than a piece of paper. 

I think I have this pattern in my stash.  But I really really like it.  This version is striking with its batiks.

I didn't search much in the vendors, but did find some treasures in the 2nd hand area:  a large bag of red, white and blue strips, a 30s Lori Smith miniatures pattern, and an old Quilt Sampler magazine. I have at least 12 years of these. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Alpacas in Canada

During my trip to visit Mom, I found a moose dressed as a Royal Mounted Police at a wayside. 

Here is a photo of Mom and me after church on Easter.  We haven't been together for Easter in many many years. It was special! The minister was so warm and welcoming. 
She really knew her congregation.

I have gotten some sewing done.  First the latest Blockheads with machine applique.

I now have 7 blocks completed... some 40ish ones to go.

I also made a 2nd block for Stash bee. Grays. So subtle and understated elegance. It should be a striking quilt when done by Irene.

But the best part were the alpacas. They came for "treats", and were quiet as can be. They only hum now and then. So fuzzy! It was raining, so we didn't stay long.  These are the girls.  Twenty six are currently pregnant and due in May.  They get sheared once a year and are bread for color and texture.

Here are all the halters for showing. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter weekend

Easter!  Warm weather: in the 60s, Green grass.  Forsythia, and Daffodils.

And yes, it is my spring break from school.  So we went to Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada to visit my mom and stepfather. ( long story of how my mother who is from Ohio and the Buckeye state is where I grew up)

During the long drive, I spent several hours doing embroidery. I am so excited I made great progress on my Crabapple Hill design. 

 After a long drive, we had a great time with them eating good food, doing puzzles and seeing the lakes.  And there was so much water tumbling down the dams, creating rolls and rolls of water. 

We went to Easter service; it has been several decades that I have spent Easter with Mom. What joy!

I did bring my sewing machine and set it up downstairs to work on a few projects;

1)  Blockheads, sunflower design,  Center needs to be appliqued, as I left that fabric at home.

2) I put together 3 of these Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. Here is the total for April. 
Color of the month: multicolored.

3) Here is the baby quilt I need to finish for my sister to give to an old neighbor of hers.  so I need to get cracking on this to mail by tomorrow. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter break

Yeah! Break is here!  I don't know who wanted it more the students or the teachers. With the weather being cool and rainy, and Easter landing on the calendar so late in spring, we all were cranky.

So I left to visit my Mom in Canada along with my trusty driver, my spouse. And on the way he let me stop at a quilt store in Wayne, Michigan. Bits 'n Pieces is well worth your time.

 Julie Hale, the owner, is very talented.  The store is bright and cheerful.

Bits 'n Pieces Store, in Wayne, Michigan.

The ladies were so welcoming and positive. But the blocks of the month they have are extraordinary.

I was gazing at them on her website prior to visiting,    If you want to see them, they are here: BOMs  So many wonderful designs!  I have already made On Point.  The latest one I was able to see using fabrics from Betsy Chutchian. The smaller version, anyway.

 The larger full size is making the rounds.   I purchased the large pattern and even have Julie displaying it for me.  The fabric is by Moda for Betsy Chutchian.  I really love the yellows.


I can't wait till she releases one she is in the progress of designing in the fall.  It is so beautiful and combines applique and piecework.

Great fabrics, really by color and style.  Go visit; or shop their online store.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

One small project at a time

After the wonderful day at the quilt convention in Chicago ( see previous post for quilts), I worked on several small things today.

1) Blockheads # 5: these have 3/4" triangles

2) pocket squares and a flower for a wedding from a light blue cotton

3) stash bee block of subtle grays:  I had to reverse some black/white prints to get a variety of shades of gray.

4) 2 blocks for the RSC challenge. This month has fabrics of multiple colors.