Sunday, November 19, 2017

Busy week

School was crazy as the staff and students prepared for our football team playing at the state championship for Division 3. There were 8 buses of students, the band, the dance team, cheerleaders, and multitudes of cars traveling to Madison, WI to play at Camp Randall home of the Wisconsin Badgers. The excitement was crazy and Friday was a no classes day as the game was at 10:00 A.M.

But we lost after such a great season. The best part was being in the cafeteria as the crowd clapped the whole team to the locker rooms; it went on and on as the players descended from the bus across and across the room They were disappointed, of course, and their heads hung low. But we were proud; they still were amazing to have gotten that far.

The picture is from the regional championship.

On another note, my daughter in law has had a tough week with her diabetes and went in the hospital last night to bring her blood sugar levels down. I feel for her and my son and the boys.

As far as quilting in my world:

I have started Christmas and have made the tops to some mug rugs/ pot holders.  Cute pattern found on Pinterest, of course.  They went together easily and the scraps were in my Christmas box.  It will be perfect to send to my mom especially as mailing to Canada is costly, but fabric isn't. But they will also be great small gifts for others as well.

Then I found the Covered in Love block drive.  Many hands make light work. I love being able to do small things with my fabric and be creative, but not having to devote time to a large project. Plus I feel it is one way I can make a difference by sharing my talents.

Lastly, I finally have some RSC blocks to show:  brown.  Each time I make this block, I try to be so careful meeting the center of the pinwheel. Ahh.  sometimes it is just not to be.  But the more I make them the more I love the blocks and how they look together.

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