Sunday, February 25, 2018

Finally something to show!

And this is not sewing.  But I am so excited.  I have my 30's quilt I am making strings for in between my blocks.

Believe it or not, I am running out of fabrics, 30s fabrics only. I have had a bag for many years and have completed at least 5 quilts of different sizes out of it.  So my good news is that I got the first selection as the left overs from my guild's raffle quilt from a few years ago. Bargain!  

The 2nd assortment came from a friend with whom we had shared 30's fabrics for a quilt earlier. I had a wonderful container full of inch and a quarter strips that were leftovers from a quilt of hers. I knew I would have repeats of many of the fabrics that are currently in my quilt.  

This is some of my Rainbow scrap challenge blocks. The blues  and the  purples are in 2 strips each: one of 6 blocks below. ( Which  I see I am going to have to take apart and redo as they don't line up. ) The 2nd strip of the 2 colors is 14 blocks long. ..not photographed.

Next is my Magnolia mystery from Meadow Mist Designs.  I have lots of the blue for borders and  backing.

Another mystery is the Square Dance by From my Carolina Home.  Using up more of my homespuns. I did buy Kona black on sale for the background.  I like how the black makes a great contrast.

Seriously, my issue was that I left my phone at school for a 3 day weekend. Ugh..!


  1. PURPLE progress and RAINBOW Magnolia... AWESOME!!!

  2. what wonderful projects. I have been planning to cut into my shirts and I do like the black with them