Sunday, May 21, 2017

Quilt retreat

One of my favorite things to do is go for a quilting retreat. I am leaving after school on Friday for the weekend.  And I will join many other ladies who have shop hopped along the way to arrive in the afternoon.  Yeah, some of us have to work.

But the great news is I will have 2 and half days of glorious sewing, laughing, eating, and having the best of times with a group of quilters. Could you ask for anything more? Oh, did I mention eating: we bring treats to snack on  And we have a chef who makes food for us to eat family style.
It is a UCC Church Camp on Green Lake in Wisconsin and they have quilt retreats from September to Thanksgiving, starting up again later in January through May. Different guilds and groups come.

So the weather didn't exactly cooperate: gray, cool, and off and on rain: more time to stay indoors and sew.  Here are two pictures of the sewing rooms with various tables for each person's area, cutting table on stilts, and an ironing station.  Right next to which was a bar of  snacks, to partake from: chocolate and salty, and homemade cookies, too.

There were 25 of us each with so many creative ideas, combinations of colors, patterns, and techniques. So much fun: stay up late?  get up early? you choose. The cabin next door housed our rooms with single beds. ( I actually did both the first day, but needed a nap the next afternoon.)

So here are some of the fabulous projects people were working on in various stages:



Show and tell was after I left.  Again, some of us have to work on Monday. :(    The rest of the group was going to stay a 3rd night and leave early afternoon on Monday.

So what did I do?
1) First I caught up on my Blockheads:  ( These are 6 and a half inch blocks.) These are weeks 10 and 11. The star took a long, long time for those tiny pieces. This was called Lisa's Star and designed by Lisa Bongean.

2) Then I made 2 sets of curtains for my daughter in law. It is just a navy print to go with the quilt I made them.

3) Then I experimented with 1 and a half inch squares and used a  fusible grid on a thin pellon sheet to make 2 valentine hearts:  It worked out pretty slick.  They are both the same size; the wonders of photography.


4) And lastly I have 7 transportation vehicles cut and ironed out for my Grandson's quilt.
I didn't machine applique, yet and  I have more to make. These are all at least 9 and a half inches tall or wide; some are a little taller or longer.


Sunday morning: the sun came out the the lake was beautiful.  Here is the view going left and right from our work room windows.


All in all, it was a productive and fun weekend.


  1. Oh what a fun weekend for you and the other quilters. Lots of nice projects going on at the retreat. The water looks relaxing.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place, inside and out with the quilts and the lake. Your transportation blocks are adorable! Glad you had such a good time at your retreat.

  3. A beautiful place to come to. I'm not sure I'd get much done as I'd be looking at the view and talking. Bravo to everyone for such great accomplishments!

  4. I love retreats, it is so much fun to sew with others who love quilting as much as we do, isn't it? Thanks for posting on Design Wall Mondays.

  5. Yes! A quilting retreat sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you had a good time and that everyone was so productive. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures on MCM!

  6. Hi Debbie,
    Green Lake, Wisconsin! I'm down in Sturtevant, just south of Milwaukee. It looks like you had a fabulous time (did you say chef?!!) and were very productive. I'm a little jealous - I want to go to a sewing retreat sometime. ~smile~

  7. You got a lot done at your retreat. I'm usually too distracted by all that's going on around me so I admire your ability to stay focused. I love Wisconsin.