Saturday, January 14, 2017

Goals, goals, goals

I am finding happiness in just sewing and sharing this blog. It is keeping me focused and motivated.
I feel good about what I have already accomplished. And I love knowing there is this group of quilters out there who are so positive and supportive.

Each day I keep thinking of the little steps I need to accomplish. Well, when I actually have time at home.  Work interferes oh, dear; and I do have 3 evenings where I help with my adorable grandsons. This week was hard in that the stomach flu hit. Both Mom and oldest boy were down for the count. It was just so sad to see this little guy a "zombie"; he is normally a ball of energy. But they have improved.

So good as far as monthly/ weekly goals.
Stash bee....  check

Guild's BOM... meeting canceled due to ice and rain.....check  Still have 3 of last month's for the next meeting.

Mini group: Got the top done for a lap quilt for a wheelchair to donate. (Ooops another UFO to layer and quilt.)

This month's goal:  Hexies : I am gathering ideas and deciding if I should indeed start the mini 1/2 inch ones I have bought, or do the table runner I have planned.  Right now I am leaning towards getting my fall one done of embroidery and a charm pack. ( It is on my UFO list anyway. Plus I finished the embroidery this past summer.) This is the picture form All People Quilt. NOT mine.

Hexies for Fall..I enjoy creating English Paper Pieced projects.:

Keeping up with weekly Log Cabin:   Started the prep work for applique. I am loving Kim Diehl's applique paper. I had bought it on sale on a whim and it was sitting in my stash.   You trace your patterns on one sheet of her paper. Iron the waxy side to a second waxy side. It makes a nice stiff pattern, better than freezer paper.
Extra blocks even made.


Bonnie Hunter' mystery: 4 blocks sewn out of 9.  Needing to cut and sew additional clues for the extra 9th block, partially done.  Check   Even several sashings.  Not ironed, but looking good.

Now to attack the UFO sitting on my back table.


  1. I love your log cabin blocks with the nine patches in the center! That is a fun design!

  2. I just don't know how you find the time to get as much done as you do. All of your work is very pretty.

  3. Mystery looks great! I haven't seen that applique paper... interesting product!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  4. I really like your log cabin blocks!