Sunday, March 5, 2017

2nd Flimsy of the year!

So Sunday:  a day of rest!  Well my sewing machine needs a rest.  Actually, it needs a tune up.The tension is OFF. I couldn't stand it while I started to put this baby into larger sections. 

As I was at church this morning, I asked about the deadline for the donation quilt. This one, the one I started back here.  February 8.  It was sitting on my back table. And I was tired of prepping all my applique and not sewing piecework.  And they want the donations by the end of April.  Ugh,  I have a quilt to finish before then for the quilt show the 21st. 

So I needed to sew for someone else today.  And while putting chunks together for this donation quilt, my tension was just wrinkled on the long seams.  I found all my blocks that were made and laid it out.  Don't know how, but it worked out with 1 left over.  The layout is 9 by 11 squares.  Again this is a disappearing 9 patch with the red in the center and a staggered lay out. 

So I put my Bernina to the side, organized all the cords and such, and got my back up out.  It worked fine, but I did have to research how to get that 1/4 inch seam.  

Good news! The donation homespun quilt is together and the size is 54 by 66 inches.  I think I will add my red flannel as a border and cut it from the wide back.  I have more than enough.  It is hard to tell, but these are all homespuns.  I like how the red is random, but really pulls it together and gives it a pop.   


  1. That is a wonderful quilt - I love your fabric and color choices!

  2. Great homespun quilt! Red sounds like the perfect color for a border.

  3. This quilt is so pretty. I like the idea of red for the border.