Sunday, March 5, 2017

First robin!

Oh, when the red robin comes bob bob bobbin along!

You should be glad you can't here me sing it.   But I am so excited to see signs of spring.  As we pulled into the parking lot at church this morning, there were 2 robins to greet us.  Then as we drove home, there were at least a half dozen in the park by the playground around the corner.

 Yeah!  I try to be aware of when I see the first robin in March. Somehow, I wasn't quite thinking about it yet.

Image result for robin    ( Not my photo)

Other progress :

I have been trying to do a little embroidery in the evenings when I am not working on my current quilting projects.... Yes, I am working on a lot.  But I have made good progress on my "Over the river and through the woods".

Forgive me for the rotation problem.

But it is progress.   Using Presencia thread:  brown size 16.


  1. Seems appropriate that someone named Robin would be the first to comment - ha! The over the river and through the woods is coming along great. I love that pattern.

  2. Love the Over the River, its coming along nicely.

  3. You are making great progress on your embroidery... enjoy!