Sunday, January 28, 2018

Friday Free Day

I am so lucky to have today, Friday, off from school.  It is the end of the semester and a day for teachers to complete grades.  I have my new schedules for next semester, Monday. Should be interesting?

I needed a day to relax and had hoped to sew with my quilting buddy, but she left for warmer climates. Hope she has a good trip! And after dealing with a sick grandson last night, I am tired, too. I felt so bad for my little buddy. His mom took him to a clinic last night.

So I need to get stuff done. Three projects are in pieces around me.

And the reveal for a weekend's worth of work:

1st: this is the finish of the row by row on the Christmas quilt.  My contribution is the row on the right comprised o 3 blocks.

2nd:  Here is the totally appliqued top ready to be quilted.  4 months work of applique for the leaves, flowers and berries. I have a callous on my finger tip to show for it. 2 pictures one from top and the other from the bottom. Hooray! Hooray.  I added the borders and did the last applique to connect the vine to each corner and finish the flower there.

More strips for my 30s quilt  I spent many hours just one strip at a time. It is getting closer.

Changed to blue for my RSC project.
 I had fallen in love with this quilt from Scrap Box Quilts by Kat Scribner which she finished early last year. She revealed a few of  the rows being assembled using the hatchet block

I am so delighted to be able to share my OMG finish for March.   Here is the original post committing  to the One Monthly Goal with Elm Stre...

So I played around with my strips and then made a 6 and a half inch block using Kona black and white. Having a ruler that size really helped for the trim purposes.

I have at least a dozen completed and have decided to do a twin sized quilt and a baby quilt to donate.

Then I found out that my mom has pneumonia.  I feel so badly for her. She has no pep and lives so far away.  I had been planning these mug rugs for her and quickly finished them up to put them in the mail on Monday.  One for her, and one for my step dad.

Lastly, a birthday celebration in the family. We gathered to have a turkey dinner and chocolate cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate buttercream frosting. The turkey was because I had 2 in the freezer and it is her favorite.

Notice the boys had to help open the presents, blow out the candles and say cheese just right so the pictures do not look cute.  But we had so much fun together.  Family is the best.


  1. The dark background border quilt can come live with me just any time you get tired of it.

  2. What a great scrap quilt pattern. Congratulations on finishing the appliqué border — stunning.

  3. All you projects are lovely. I especially like the Christmas ornament runner...very clever!

  4. Everything is wonderful. I especially like the Christmas quilt. Such fun blocks! And your Kim Diehl finish is gorgeous. You are right... family time is the best.

  5. So many great projects! Your applique work is beautiful.

  6. Wonderful progress was made in your studio this past weekend! Everything is so beautiful!

  7. Wow -- you managed to get all of that sewing done despite everything else you had going on with family? I'm impressed! Your applique border is stunning, all of your projects are looking great. I hope your mom and your grandson are feeling better soon. It's been a dreadful flu season this year.