Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 Wrap up

 Productive year!   Really!  Covid helped, but so did retiring to make this year the most big quilts I have done in 12 months.

Large quilts completed:

January  (DD birthday)   Queen sized.

February  Christmas quilt top done, quilted bound and finished by May
(Currently on  my bed)

March: completed top at the retreat: all the rest in the summer
        Plans are for this to go in the guild's quilt show in March under scrap category.queen sized

August: Petals and leaves   This was a graduation quilt. Loved, loved loved the wonderful fabric line with its springy colors.  Extra long twin quilt

October: aMAZEing  for my dear daughter in law
This one was only a lap size.

Mom's 30s quilt

Donation quilts for Healing Hearts, a grief support organzation which meats in terms of 13 weeks for one night . My husband and I are facilitators.  A lap quilt.

And lots of little quilts: baby quilts,   baby doll quilts,  wall hangings,  and more. 

And of course, many more to finish: some in the top stage, others in block stage, and a couple only organized and started. So next year, I will have many more to enjoy working on. 

Hope your year has been productive.  I love the quilting community and all the inspiration and support out there. there are many people like me doing what makes their heart smile while contributing to others. It makes me feel more normal. 

Best of New Years to you all!

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Merry Christmas!

 This has been a most unusual holiday month for me.  

Normally, I am sewing up a storm and a whirlwind of fun activities.  Several factors for the lack of blogging:

A) The Christmas parade before Thanksgiving really took a toll on our community. So much pain and grief felt in so many ripples.  Being part of a grief support team, I helped in a few gatherings and it was hard.

B) I had my booster shot for Covid and it really sapped the energy out of me for a few days. But I would rather have it, than catch it and be knocked for a loop.

C) My sister and I drove 700 or so miles to visit my mother for her 90th birthday. I had not seen Mom in 3 years, partially due to Covid and partially due to the other issues within my home while she was put in the nursing home for Alzheimer's. We had the best visit EVER. She loved the gifts from our brother, appreciated the new bras I bought for her and we selected ones that fit. ( such a simple task and yet so hard at the same time not being in a store.) Mom has lost some 40ish pounds since I had last seen her but is in good health. (She did survive Covid 2 years ago.) We reminisced about the times past and long lost family members on many sides. We recalled Christmas memories and family traditions. Seriously, I am so thankful to have the treasured time with her.  

D) We did have small Christmas with my daughter and my husband. I love how having adult children can create a special time to share and make meals together. We always love watching the Muppets Christmas Carol. But we are preparing to leave for Louisiana in a few days to see my son, his wife and my two grandsons. So fingers crossed that our flight is not canceled as in the United and Delta airlines. 

Coq au vin made by dear daughter for Christmas Eve.

Needless to say, it has been a busy month.  Thanks to those who check in.

Happy Holidays from the cat!

And some evening needle work on navy aida cloth.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021


 Good news:  I have now been blogging for 5 wonderful years.  

 I have had 359 posts and 66000 views. It seems like an awful lot.    I have shared lots of ideas, and it has made me accountable to accomplish things. The very best part is that I have met lots of wonderful people and learned so many things.  I have done challenges, exchanges, and some donation quilts. It makes my heart sing.

Christmas plans are coming:    I had a big cookie bake with my daughter and a friend on Saturday. 2 kinds of chocolate treats and 4 batches of cookies.   Yum yum!

For the guild meeting tonight, I have a Christmas doll quilt : It started with the pad lining made by someone else needing a quilt and pillow to match. I did my easy 4 patch and solid alternating.

Then I added some borders to get it to a 9 by 13 inch piece. 

Lastly, I have finished the applique for the grandboys on navy t-shirts. 
I used golden threads on the back to assist with the movement.   Bad move, the little pieces paper left in the zigzag are a huge pain to get out. 

But I really hope they like them.  Either it will be a hit or not. I hope it is not too hokey.
And I hope they fit... 

Off in the MAIL tomorrow with some Christmas pajamas and assorted little Christmas goodies.