Sunday, February 23, 2020


 I actually have some handwork for today:

I made a single fold binding for my edges to this wool mat and backed it with the same homespun.
This was me waiting at the doctor to look at a facial rash: eczema. 
So I am on steroids and no make up.  Ugh, I look awful.

But this is done and ready to enter our quilt show next month.
I started it with a theme of spring and passed it around each month to a new person who made one hexie for 6 months. So cute.  Just love the talented ladies. 

Monday, February 17, 2020

Frolicing away! And a cake mix...

Steadily making progress on Frolic.  Here is a picture with 15 squares made. 
I am actually up to 21 and have the 9 patches to put the last 4 together today. 
It is a challenge, but I am pushing to get it done. 
The corners and setting pieces are cut, but not ready for anything. 
One step at a time.

Here is the alternate block for Blockheads 4 made in 6 inch size. Meh.  O.K.

And here is how to make a cake mix.  No not on the stove, oven or any other cooking device. 
This is the Miss Rosie's Cake Mix Recipe. I believe there are about 10 different pattern sets for the 10 inch block size. ( And some for charm packs as well)

Here are the 2 10 inch blocks cut.  ( It turns out that particular one needs 2 sets to complete a 16 inch block.

Layer right sides together. pin the pattern piece on. Sew on the dotted lines, ( There are even directional hints to do all the lines in one motion. ) Cut on solid lines.

And for this pattern you get 2 8 inch blocks, and 8 4 inch blocsk.

Here are the various settings I laid out. 

But this is my final block. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Valentine UFO

Two weeks ago I dug out a Valentine UFO. I cut out extra pieces, sewed additional blocks and even started piecing borders around blocks. Until I measured my completed blocks. HALT! 

You see my old 1/4 inch seam from when it was started to the new blocks with 1/4 inch seams were different. And the plan to have 4 blocks alternating was canned. The final size did not match.

So here is the single block made recently. 
It used a pellon printed grid to stabilize the square and then fold and sew.

And here is the wall hanging with 3 different blocks. 
I quilted it using straight lines vertically. 

Since the photo was taken, I have added the binding and a rod pocket. 
And it will be done tonight. 
First UFO finished. And I do like the final project.

2nd project continuing : 3 more blocks for my square quilt a long
This gives me a total of 11 completed. And now I have a couple more cut out to assemble.

Lastly, I made Christmas block for a pass a long in my guild. 
The package is actually a red and green fabric. 

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Winterfest and blocks

Winter celebration. My husband and I had a fun afternoon and evening in Lake Geneva.
We saw snow sculptures, ice sculptures, lazer light shows and more.
  Oh, and yes it was outdoors and cold.

We had fun, despite the cold noses.

But today is the palindrome of the century: 02-02-20-20
And the groundhog saw his shadow. 
Spring is around the corner, right? 

All week I have been plodding slowly through projects. 
Here are my first 6 blocks of Frolic. 

And here is my 3rd block for the Blockheads 3.
 I liked Lisa Bongean's twist of the tiny triangles.
It really is nice to have different examples of the same block. 
Darned if I could get the aqua to look right. 

At the beginning of the week I took out my UFO for Valentine's Day. 
These are 1 and a half inch blocks placed on grid work on an  iron-on pellon.
You lay out your squares, iron to secure, and then fold them together and sew 1/4 inch seam.
Below is a block half sewn. 

And here it is completely sewn. 
I have 3 more and am making it into a wall hanging. 
I spent the Superbowl, taking the smaller ones apart which I did not like.
But I think I will use them as frames around the blocks.