Monday, February 17, 2020

Frolicing away! And a cake mix...

Steadily making progress on Frolic.  Here is a picture with 15 squares made. 
I am actually up to 21 and have the 9 patches to put the last 4 together today. 
It is a challenge, but I am pushing to get it done. 
The corners and setting pieces are cut, but not ready for anything. 
One step at a time.

Here is the alternate block for Blockheads 4 made in 6 inch size. Meh.  O.K.

And here is how to make a cake mix.  No not on the stove, oven or any other cooking device. 
This is the Miss Rosie's Cake Mix Recipe. I believe there are about 10 different pattern sets for the 10 inch block size. ( And some for charm packs as well)

Here are the 2 10 inch blocks cut.  ( It turns out that particular one needs 2 sets to complete a 16 inch block.

Layer right sides together. pin the pattern piece on. Sew on the dotted lines, ( There are even directional hints to do all the lines in one motion. ) Cut on solid lines.

And for this pattern you get 2 8 inch blocks, and 8 4 inch blocsk.

Here are the various settings I laid out. 

But this is my final block. 


  1. Frolic is looking good! I love your cake mix fabrics! I've never looked at one of the mixes, so thanks for showing what they are. I had no idea, but how fun. Your block is gorgeous.

  2. I wondered what those cake mixes were.

  3. Great job on the frolic blocks! It is a lot of sewing... keep going... I'm cheering you on!