Monday, September 28, 2020

September finishes

It has been hard for me to adjust to being home ( and with my spouse). 
I haven't gotten into a schedule or routine. And while I have done a lot of cleaning and decorating and such, I have wasted time as well. 

But I did turn on my mojo of late: here are some projects that have been laying around waiting to be finished. First off, I had admired some fall pillows at Hobby Lobby. But found their plaid fabric and decided to make my own. 

These are designs from an Edyta Sitar book I was able to borrow from a friend.
I loved using the batiks, and playing around with the arrangements.

This one I actually wove the basket with 2 different browns. 
Love how it turned out, except for the fact that it is off center. Oh well. 
Done is better than perfect.

Last year, I purchased some strips of fabric from Primitive Gatherings summer sale.
It was great fun to play around with the strips.
I made 4 different designs at the time.

I finally got around to finishing them yesterday.
I pillowcased the top and back. Then inserted an iron on batting.
It gave it a little stability and padding for the table.

Lastly,  I have been stitching away each night while we watch tv. 
I love Crabapple Hill designs. This is an oldie I found in my stash of patterns.
I think I will finish the design, but then applique the pumpkin onto a gray background. 

It feels good to be finishing and sewing again.
And I get to go on a retreat this weekend.  Just 8 of us. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Labor Day

 As usual, my spouse and I went up north to Door County in Wisconsin.  It was a whole new experience without the normal festivities of Labor Day: no music, no art fairs, no outdoor food trucks, and no used book sale. Yet there were many, many people. We remained distant and ate outdoors. For the most part people were very good wearing masks. 

And as always, being with nature is restorative and so beautiful. 

We love visiting parks and walking beaches and trails.

We even visited a lighthouse at the Coast Guard Station. 


The weather was a combination of cool and at times very windy.  But it was a great getaway.

We did visit a small outdoor art fair, maybe 8 venders. But this is the top of one I really liked:

If you look closely these are batik fabrics made into these banners. So easy: no seams on the edges and the top is just folded over the hanging string.  I thought it would be great for outdoors. 

I have not done much sewing of late, but have decided to complete my row by row from a couple years ago completed from the guild. 

This is the status of where I began the final stage. So many wonderful houses and buildings made by friends. 

I removed the bottom row and have decided to make additional house blocks to balance the top out.
I have searched for inspiration from the internet for house blocks.  Then I print off pictures and make my own calculations for measurements. 

Here are some of the ones I have finished thus far. 

This ones needs an appliqued door and door frame 

I hope to get all together this week.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable a well.