Friday, May 28, 2021

New quilt and graduation

 I have started a new quilt to give to a favorite student from the school where I had worked.  She was a dear and so much help throughout her high school  years. 

This is a quilt design from Coriander Quilts ( who is from Ohio, my home state). Here is one of the 20 blocks I will need to make.

Here it is surrounded by the lattice on three sides.  I have to make many, many of these.
Added will be a flower in each corner. 

I love these lucious fat quarters from the Springbrook line and each fabric will make one block. 
Such soft springy fabrics and a great assortment of prints!

Here is the pattern; I ordered the whole kit of fat quarters, pattern, background, border and binding. 

Last weekend was my daughter's college graduation from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee with a degree in International Studies.  She had done 2 overseas trips and was studying Arabic. 
But now she will just hope to return to her marketing work. 
We are so proud of her as it has been many years since she has started to work full time,
Given her long haul Covid recovery and unemployment, it was a great way for her to take one semester and finish up. She took 6 courses and did very well. 
Here are the flamingos out to celebrate her day as we hosted a BBQ gathering for her friends. 
We did not attend the graduation as it was virtual. 

Here she is with the chocolate raspberry cake. Yum!

Another project: finished sewing 400 of these quarter square triangles or hour glass blocks. 
These are stacks of 10 and just need to be trimmed for the Temecula sew along. Made it on time. 

And I couldn't help but include a photo of my grands. We are counting down the days to see them again. And then after a vacation together, we will have them for 2 weeks. CAN'T WAIT!

Saturday, May 22, 2021

RSC blocks and hearts together

I decided to make a 2nd block for the RSC challenge this year. 
These are 8 1/2  inch blocks all made from 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch strips of fabric. 
I like the alternating black and white centers.  And when they will be put together, there will be no matching seams.

I will need to go back and make all the other colorways for the past months. But I don't think I will do purple. 

Here is the inspiration piece I found on pinterest from etsy. 
This one is made with 2 by 3 1/2 inch strips and are 6 inch finished blocks. 

We have a doe back again this spring and I saw her with a fawn.  I think this is over 10 years that we have repeatedly had a pair in our back woods. This was so close and she just stayed and watched as she ate from my garden.

I did get all my rows together this week.  Now all it needs is borders.

And yes that is a drum in the corner: a tom to be specific from his drum set.  My husband is a percussionist and was adding a new drum head to it last night.  I did not want to move it. 


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Hearts and cross stitch

 New cross stitch.

I came across Floss Tube from Fat Quarter Shop.  They print patterns and work closely with cross stitch several designers including Lori Holt.  This is one of their newest ones. And while I won't complete the whole thing, I intend on completing sections of it.

Here is the beginning of one section done on linen which is proving to be a little more tricky than aida cloth. 

On the quilting front, here is my rows lined up for putting them together. 

And here are a couple of other views of it.  Now just to get it together. 

Monday, May 10, 2021

And another UFO

 Five years ago I drafted the block out to make these 6 inch heart log cabins all out of 30s reproduction fabrics. Here is the link to the Blog post describing the process and showing the block on graph paper for this if you are interested. The log size is 1 1/4 inch.

Then I  year later, I dropped the original quilt design and got it to this stage. 
5 rows each of 10 pieced hearts. It was originally intended for my Mom who was born in 1931. 

Additionally, I had started string strips for inserting between the rows. 
And that is where it got stuck until last night.

As I am on a roll for finishing things, I decided it wouldn't be too much work to finish this. 
So I got out my with the assembled parts and roughly drew out the design to figure out the finished measurements. From there I ordered border fabric rather than piece or applique or whatever.  I found a long remnant of the white to outline the design after it is pieced. I already have had the backing stored. 

So today I spent many relaxing hours continuing to piece the strips. The goal just kept me going. 

Here is the work station with the assortment of strips from the stored bag.  I cut some additional colors  from my 30s stash. ( Debating whether to donate the remnants after this quilt is done.  I think I have had my fill of 30s quilts. )

Here was the status of the partially assembled rows and no, they were not trimmed

And here is the organization for the remaining rows to complete.   My goal was to have an assortment of fabrics in each row. I assembled in sections as I cut some fabrics. 

Toot sweet:    6 rows completed and trimmed 5 inches wide by 85 1/2 inches long. 
Today's mission accomplished.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Another finish and piecework

Hooray,  I got the heart quilt back from the quilter.  The quilting pattern is a beautiful swirl with hearts in it done in red.  So pretty.  Can't wait to show you the back and binding. 

Here is the 2nd card I stitched on paper for my sister.

And here are my Rainbow Scrap challenge blocks done in Red.  So pretty and bright. 
Again, my blocks are small and end of at 5 3/4 inches. Red strips cut at 1 1/2 inches  inches and the white at 1 inch.  Because I sew them so randomly,  I have trouble keeping my direction for the log cabin block correct and need to take out several sides before I get the hang of it again. 


Friday, May 7, 2021

Big Finish and Mom's Day

 After a whole afternoon's work, I finished the top for my Gooseberry Christmas. 

This was a pattern from Kansas Troubles.  And I followed the coloring according to the pattern, substituting what reds, greens, golds, and backgrounds I had.  I also did not utilize her no piecing method and adapted to actual half square triangles and flying geese. 

Close up of the end and the borders.

Full picture from the middle.   The size is large 78 by 98ish. 
Borders are 2, 3 and 6 inches. 

A different perspective on my design wall, the floor.

Close up for the center piecing with machine applique. 

I am SOOOOOO glad to get it done and off my list. Yeah for another UFO.
I dislike the process of borders and would much rather piece.  And it took many hours to get those last 3 done.  But DONE it is. 

And on another note,  I found this free pattern online by Jessica Marquez for Mother's Day.

This is how the pattern sheet looks

Here is what it looks like after you lay it on the cardstock and punch the holes with a large needle or T pin.The paper is actually a periwinkle blue, my Mother's favorite.

I used all 6 strands of floss and then "stitched" it in a peach, yellow and springy green.
I really like how it turned out.

Off in the mail it went.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Spring and another UFO

 Glorious Spring!  It has indeed arrived.  I love the beautiful spring greens: that lime green shade that bursts on the trees as the buds and leaves just start to grow. I think it holds so much promise and is a long awaited sign of better weather ahead.   

Surprise, surprise!  We even have 70 degree weather. Totally amazing. My spouse and daughter and I headed to Pewaukee to eat at the restaurants by the beach.  But when we arrived, we were literally blown over by the extreme winds. Just walking up the sidewalk took strength.  I have never seen such white caps on that lake.  So instead of having our food blown away, we ate inside.  

And I got another UFO out to work on.  Here is where the piece was left last summer: 



And here is where I was able to complete it yesterday.  Now to do some wool applique on the stripe section.  Choosing a design.  Hmmm.