Friday, February 24, 2017

First Flimsy!

PROGRESS!   I put the light border of my beige checkerboard on En Provence. Looks great!  It has been laid out on the floor for a few days, and I am really liking it.  But I am not adding the second light border. All it needs is a good press! Then for the finishing!

No progress!  I have not been successful on my UFO goal for February.  Not even a decision for which to complete.  I think that the donation quilt took up that time allotment. And I have made progress on that for additional blocks. 

More progress. My log cabin has the light border on it.  And I made 4 additional 9 patches for the ones that are somewhere to be found in my stash.  I have all my applique foundations cut out while in the car last weekend., and now, the green leaves are also cut. I even have the black borders cut for the applique.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

RSC February blocks

February color: teal, sea green,etc...something not blue or green

Here are the colors I have found in my stash that resemble that not blue or green required.
I like the blocks, but sometimes, they are really putsy. I, of course, want to get them just right. 
So that means a few redos on the little pinwheel seams. I use Thangles for the little triangles for 1 and 1/2 inch squares. This is not my preferred method; and after I use those puppies up, I will do something different. For the big ones, I just cut 4 inch square, draw the line down the middle. Then sew both seams along each side, cut, press, and square them up. 

Getaway " Up North" and 2 quilt stores

My dear husband and I planned a getaway up north in Wisconsin to Door County. We love the lake and cute communities along the peninsula and have gone several times in summer months. So we thought we would try winter weather. There was even an ice sculpting competition and assorted events.
 Below is a sturgeon fish cut from a block of ice 2 1/2 by 4 feet.  It is hard to see and shattered in less than 24 hours.

Ha! I don't think weather in the 50s classifies as wintry; most of the snow was gone. They had a little more than we did, but it was only the piles along the parking lots or under tree cover. Still a weekend away was a bonus, plenty of time away from the daily grind and responsibilities.

Here is the end of the pier by the channel opening. Notice the sand in the front, the piles of dirty snow, followed by slushy, chunky ice floating on the waves. Definitely a change from summer.

We each left work mid day to stop along the way. Yes, a quilt store was planned. In one of the most recent Quilt Sampler's was Going to Pieces. It had a wide variety of styles of fabrics: batiks, moda: with Kansas Troubles, and several other designers. Around the store is beautiful wood pews, cabinets, and tables. The best part for me was the Kim Diehl fabrics, because I am making one of her patterns at this time. So I collected a few teals  and rusty oranges for RSC, a good background, a red and a cute little tin.

Then later on Saturday, I visited Barn Door Quilt Shop in Sturgeon Bay. The owner is always happy to see you, and we have met her dog often. She always has a sale of buy 3 fat quarters, get one free.  i am always inspired by her various samples and styles, and have even started a Crabapple Hill stitchery from there.  But my find was a real cute pattern for a little fabric house cover for a card table. Of course, it is for the grandsons.

We had several good meals away from home. Our first night we watched the sunset on the bay while eating a pan fried walleye. It was glorious: both the view and the meal. Sturgeon Bay is known for upkeep on the tankers for the Great Lakes. There were at least a dozen in port being refurbished, or being repaired, . They well leave mid March due to limited ice which is 2 weeks ahead of season.
Here is the great bridge that swings open for tall ships in summer.

I did get some needle work done while we sat by the fire or watched tv.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines and Blockheads

No, I couldn't celebrate Valentine's Day...home from work with this head cold.

 I baked cut out cookies for work on Sunday, but I didn't get them frosted until today, Wednesday.
Dinner for HB and me was soup; yup, soup from a can. I really laid low and had 2 naps even.
Hopefully, it will go away. SOON.

And it is not that I didn't get gifts to the family... just couldn't wrap/ deliver them. My HB got his last week when they came in the mail. I even had steaks for dinner and strawberries to cover with chocolate. But he was good to me!

But I sewed a little and almost have En Provence together in rows. I should be able to finish those tonight. Then on to the border, at least one.  I don't know if I want the last row of 4 patches only.

And in case you needed motivation or a new project:   Blockheads: coming soon as in March 8.
Lynn Hagmeier, Lisa Bongean, Jo Morton, Jan Patek and Betsy Chutchian are all starting a 6 inch blocks on their respective blog per 48 weeks.  Check out their blogs and sign up to receive notification of when each is put onto their blog.  Yah! Free blocks!  According to Jan Patek,  she is designing a medallion center with 3 by 12 inch applique borders to be available later.   You can get a starter pack from each of them. Disclaimer, Jan Patek's are already sold out.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

This and that

It's been a day of little projects. Yes, some laundry and cooking (chicken and rice soup)  and even some bubble bread for tomorrow.  But I have been working on of those small monthly projects ( goals to do each month.)

Already have my Stash Bee blocks done for February.

First up I finished a valance to match the curtains I already made my daughter in law.

Then a BOM from my guild meeting this week. Ahhh, spring colors.

Next I really want to do some RSC blocks. It is hard to find teal, aqua, sea green or whatever you want to call it.  I just don't have much at all.

I have worked on my Donation homespuns:  about 20ish 12 inch blocks, that then get quarter cut. 
Arranged and sewn into rows. 48" by 42" at this time.  ( Yes, this is the same block as the Stash Bee above. It is all about color placement.)

And I have ironed all my log cabin and then arranged and put them  together.

All while nursing a cold, using lots of kleenex for the nose and hot water to drink.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Donation quilt

As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a need for quilts for an Indian reservation out west. All I can remember is it is the Lakota tribe and my quilting buddies at church are going to make quilts of lap, twin, and double size to send to them and warm them up.

 I started cutting up my homespuns the last couple nights into 4.5 inch squares and found a red for the centers.   I am trying to balance the dark, starker colors with some rich mellow ones. So now I have 2 piles of fabrics on the floor. Poor hubby! At least it is better than pins on the floor.

I know that others may not like working on the floor, and I do have a cutting table.
But I was an elementary teacher once, and  am used to getting down on the floor even with my grandkids. Plus I used to do all my pattern cutting for clothes sewing on the floors.
It works for me.

Here are some 9 patches before ironing and cutting them up.

It is a nice diversion. Oh, did I hear "Squirrel!"  Sometimes making things for others is very rewarding. Plus, I do have that stash problem.  And of course, I think I need more warm reds, and blues.  I was surprised when I opened up my drawers of collections and didn't have some of the colors, I needed. To buy or not to buy? That is the question?

Here are 7 blocks cut up and rearranged. So good... so far...

Also,I want to thank Nancy Roshto for her wonderful idea of the Double Slice Layer Cake  Pattern.
 It is super easy and from the Missour iStar Quilt Company video here:  Double Slice layer cake pattern.
And I do have layer cake waiting for a purpose.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Calling for simple donation quilt patterns

It's Monday!

After a busy weekend with little sewing done, I am undertaking a new project.  And I could really use your help. My church  has partnered another organization to support  a tribe on a reservation out west. in the plains. We had a mission trip last summer where we built a playground structure and took supplies for students. Then in December a small group took car loads of "presents" for kids and adults of things they needed.

There is a small group of quilters in our church and they have decided to utilize our fabric abundance to make quilts for these tribesman.  It is cold on the plains. I am unable to attend the sewing times due to my work, but want to make some quilts for them.  I thought I would use my large bag of homespuns.

So do you have any pictures of quilts I could make with simple designs?
 ( My first thought is a disappearing 9 patch with red centers, and the rest scrappy. )

Split Nine Patch     Here is one version with 2 different arrangements.

Nine Patch

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February and the movie date

It seems as if Groundhog's Day is past.... and 6 more weeks of winter.  Well, and maybe even more up here in wonderful Wisconsin. We are lucky to have 2 groundhogs; one at the Milwaukee Zoo, named Wynter, and Jimmy from Sun Prairie. (He was the famous one who bit the mayor's ear 2 years ago.)
Image result for groundhog at zoo bites ear

My husband and I were going to see the national snow sculpting exhibition/competition in Lake Geneva, but I really didn't want to be outdoors. We settled on lunch out and the movie, "LaLa Land', which we enjoyed... Not the best singers and dancers, but a great plot, cute kids, and good musical songs.  I do miss the old musicals both from before I was born and even in the 60s.

Image result for la la land

 It is hard to believe another month has past. The first semester of school is now over as well, and grades were finalized Friday.

So for the week's progress on quilting: I was lucky to have 2 evenings during this week to dabble on the sewing machine.

I have 2 more blocks for my Log Cabin Sew along.

I made 2 blocks for the new month for my hive at Stash Bee:  The colors are from Harry Potter, gold and burgundy and so hard to tell in this photo. The pattern is a version of a disappearing 9 patch. Very easy.

I also made more progress on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. It is in rows.  And I think I have picked out a navy wide back online. at Marshall Dry Goods for 8>99 a yard  I am hesitant to quilt it myself.  Some of the intersections are so bumpy from extra layers of piecing interesting there. I need to give it a good press then I will see.   (No lattice in between the rows,yet in photo)