Sunday, November 25, 2018

Over the river...

I have not posted my progress on this in some time. My Crabapple Hill project is into its 3rd year of work and sits next to the couch.

This is the second of three panels. The last one being only the word panel. 

Almost done! And appropriately, during the holidays. Over the River and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go!
I have the entire center and right side completed. 

Close up!

And I was so blessed to have family together for a Thanksgiving meal: only my daughter in law was working at the hospital.
And thanks to my daughter for a great camera and apple pie. 
Image may contain: 7 people, including Gary Huber, Debbie Beckley Huber and Sarah Huber, people smiling, people sitting
Happy  holidays!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


My husband came home in the middle of the day!  ( I was home as a comp day for parent - techer conferences.) What?  " I retired!" he exclaimed. He had been counting down the days now that all his medical appointments were done. And now social security health care is in place. 
I am so happy for him. 

Now a couple more years for me.

But I am working on the little projects here and there.

First some appliqued tea towels.  DONE! 

Next a crane for my Stash Bee. This will be my last block.  I am stepping back for now.
I have had a great time making blocks for 2 years.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Time to finally sew!

For the first time all fall, I finally had energy and time to sew on a week night. I was so happy to get all my pumpkins made and put together into a row. I started making bias strips for vines, but was disgruntled with the size. I ended up purchasing a new quarter inch strip maker. Heaven knows where my other one is. 

I also celebrated a birthday.  My great partner went to a local deli and brought home take out. Awesome turkey, cranberry and cheese panini and 2 desserts. We sat and ate in front of the TV. 
He did buy me earrings. But darn if he can find where he hid them.

Friday morning, look what I was surprised to see.  I knew we were getting snow, but didn't think it was going to stick around.  Absolutely beautiful!  

And still crazy cold!

Part of my being out of commission has been a cold that came for a week, left and then came back.

And the other reason was the weekend in Indiana for a beautiful wedding of my nephew who is  only 6 weeks older than my son. 

And here is my sister and her hubby,  the parents of the groom. 

And here are the 2 grandboys ready for the wedding. Cutest guys ever.