Sunday, April 28, 2019

Cancer update

My spouse and I have gone to a couple appointments with first his urologist and then a care manager, followed by the radiation doctor, spread out over a month.  And  we read a lot: online and even a book. We even consulted all the family members ( in-laws) who have had it and learned of their treatments and reflections.

Our first appointment was an hour long where we were carefully explained his 12 biopsies and how they are categorized and what that means in terms of treatment.  We have digested terms such as Gleason score. Prostate Cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, and no, you don't die from it. It is slow growing and very common in men especially over the age of 65. Overwhelming!  But very well and patiently explained. And we get to decide.

His is low on a 3 scale system and because of his age (65) he is a good candidate for either the surgery or radiation.. Another whole discussion of side effects, and issues surrounding each treatment. We are very fortunate to have a doctor who has done a relatively new radiation treatment called cyberknife. A) It is only 5 treatments of an hour for each session in a  2 weeks versus 28 in 6 weeks. It is robotic.  B) There are no recovery issues or catheters as from the surgery. C) The doctor has done this for over 10 years, making him very experienced.

So going forward with Cyberknife. It will take another 2 weeks to a month to get that rolling.

Then the bombshell of our cost after Medicare.  OMGoodness!  Yes, there are payment plans.( Update, supposedly only a few thousand dollars. )

But he can still work, just not lift the little guys. And all the lovely side effects: ED and incontinence.

FORWARD!  ( Yes, also Wisconsin's motto.)  But we are lucky and positive.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Easter weekend.

Easter!  We took the boys to church.  The 4 year old asked so many questions about church and God and Jesus. So sincere!
 And of course, we have them hooked: there was an egg hunt afterwords in the social hall. 

 God, these are truly my best blessings: husband and 2 grandsons. Full of joy!
And then family for an outside adult and kid egg hunt, followed by Easter dinner.

Oh, and a glorious spring day: up to the 70s. Alleluia!

Spring break: time for sewing:
Here is the borders for my flower blocks.  Love how it is coming together.
Now to applique them on the machine and then quilt it. 

I have joined a wool group within my guild. We started a hexie round robin with wools. 
Here is the block I made for my go around. I love the addition of beads. All I had were size 8 seed beads, and I think a smaller scale would have been better.
( backs of hexie will is a product called SF 101 which only comes in black and white.)

 And here it is with the center one made by a talented friend.

And I finally got around to photoing the fabrics from South Carolina. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

March and now April

Gosh, it has been a month.   A busy one at that.

Fortunately in March, we had a beautiful family wedding to enjoy in Charleston.  Having a trip to escape winter was wonderful and a mighty respite for the snow and cold of Wisconsin. We loved the seafood: shrimp and grits, triggerfish, crabcakes and more.  Oh, just delicious.

We walked and walked through the downtown to see fabulous historical buildings and even took a carriage ride. We found a beach to walk our piggies through. I just love the sound of the waves and the horizon.  And we also toured a plantation: so beautiful and full of people recreating old "crafts". I, of course, loved the dying, spinning and weaving area.


And I found a quilt store and purchased some fun spring colors for my upcoming hexie project.

Lastly, we toured the air craft carrier,  the Yorktown.  I read about it every year with my history students and it was a must see for my amateur historian spouse. But it was amazing to walk through it and go on deck. Inside were displayed several air planes and even a spacecraft from the 70's of the Apollo missions.  It is amazing to have the names of the crew and pilots on their air craft.

Other news that has been setting my back:  My mom who has Alzheimer's has been placed in a nursing home. Such hard news to take for someone so special. Oh, if only she weren't 700 miles away.

Secondly, I found out my son and his family are moving to Louisiana to be near to my daughter in law's family this summer. I am truly heartbroken. I have such a wonderful relationship with my grandsons and love them to the moon and back. I  am struggling with having them leave their home, school, and babysitter. Both parents have jobs here, but money is an issue. I will survive, but in the meantime, I cry.

I have several spits and starts on quilting and crafting over the last month.  ( I finished my long term embroidery and am trying to get something else going.)

 I tried cross stitch on linen.

I started cross stitch on punch paper.

And I can't seem to finish my projects hanging mid stride.

So I started piecing Wild and Goosey in blues. ( which is our theme for next year's quilt show.)