Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Happy 100th birthday!

 Yes, there is a BIG birthday to be celebrated this week.  NO, it is not me. My husband's aunt is turning 100. Yeah Aunt Dorothy!   Longevity runs in the family. Her sister, my mother in law lived to be 100 as well.  And their mother lived to be 95.  

So a special celebration deserves a special birthday banner:

Most of this was created from a panel.  The words, the candles and the border at the top. 
I adapted a pattern for a cake and added the rows of candles: lots of little cutting.

I free motion quilted it last night.  My monofilament threads did not work on my machine. 
Glory knows I tried.  I bent /broke 3 needles. 2 of them ended up shaped like a U.
The machine had just been cleaned and home from the fix up shop.

So I switched to regular thread as I have been quilting the last week. And it was fine. 


Monday, May 2, 2022

Blocks and a banner

 I have been keeping up with Blockheads 4  and am enjoying the playing with fabrics and piecing the blocks.  It is nice to have small projects to do. 

This is block 6   and one of the extra blocks.  

Here is my first version which I liked.  However, it did not play well with the others.
So I dismantled it, and added my background for the diagonal squares. 

Here are all the blocks thus far on my ironing station. 

Latest project is to make a banner for a big birthday. 
My husband's aunt is turning 100 this weekend and there is a big family get together.
And so I utilized some of the leftover fabric from my daughter's table runner to make the banner.

This was an awesome border printed fabric. 
And I sliced up what I had left, made the cake and added the candles and wording.
I made the 100th figures on google docs increasing the font to the proper size ( 150) 

Oh, and another row of candles goes at the bottom.

I need to assemble the 3 sections, layer and quilt it.  Hooray!  

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Healing Hearts quilt.

 It is the time of year that I finish my donation quilt for Healing Hearts.  Healing Hearts is a support program for families with grief and I began this past year being a facilitator with my husband who has done it for several years. We work with different age levels with weekly meetings where parents and kids are separate. And this year after the tragic parade here in Waukesha, the organization has been called on for many small group events. 

There is a big fund raiser next month and this is the 3rd year I have made a quilt. 

I found this wonderful quilt and pattern at a quilt show this year. Two big Waahoos!

This is where I left it last week.  So now I  have been working  on the quilting. The background is showing up tan in the photo but is actually the back of a gray grunge. The white spots took away from the rest of the colors. 

I found this great print for an extra wide back the dots are about an inch each.
It was at Missouri Star Quilting. 

And while I did a lot of stitch in the ditch for the pieced star, I had these large corners that I wanted to do something special.  I also had a variegated thread that I hope will show up.

I toyed with different methods of transfer from my quilting design books.  First I used Golden Threads papers and punched the design with a dull needle for multiple layers. But the paper was to brittle. Then I tried Pounce which worked well as the white chalk on the gray, but it wore off quickly.  So then I just used the Frixion pen and traced the dots of the design through the Golden Threads paper.  Success. 

Here is the 48 inch quilt finished.  The motifs are in the center and the 4 corners with some framing around them.

And the back looks great with it.  The binding is of the same polka dot print. 

Ta Da!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Another UFO

 Halloween is not just around the corner.  But this cute cat with its borders was completed last fall.

The fabric line and panel was Kitty Corn.  Very cute and I purchased it online last fall. It gives that old time feel with some softer colors.  It is also about 36 inches squared. 

Again, I need to finish these!!!!!!

And so I did.  

Here is the back.  the quilting is hard to see as it was done in black.  But I outlined the center panel and all the stars in off white.  That is the light designs you can sort of see. I had to change the bobbin to the same color.  I was not going to adjust the tension.  I just got it back from the repair spa and want it to continue its good luck trend.  The old girl is only 37 years old. I have to treat her with a little kindness.

The back was a piece in my stash.  Not a great piece of fabric, but it worked out well with the colors. 

Here is the center of the panel to give you a look at the details.  I outlined all the big and little shapes. 

And another one bites the dust!

Friday, April 22, 2022

Sweet dream finish!

 Another UFO bites the dust: 

I really enjoyed the piecing of Sweet Dreams from Pat Sloan.  And when she got to combining these blocks for the center, I liked it and decided I would quit there.  I had already purchased the blue to put around the border and the print which ended up going on the back.  And I knew I didn't have enough to make the larger size.

I altered it by adding the sashing between the 9 inch blocks. I kept thinking of how to add another setting strip around it, but the half square triangles would not come out even. 
I also made the binding out of the same blue print. 

So I did a lot of straight line quilting to finish the quilt with my walking foot. As it is just a stash buster and not destined for any competition, I stopped.  

I did add a rod pocket and I will give it to the sweetheart who has the matching quilt.

So what to do with the rest of the scraps?????????

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Wonderful World of Color

 First I would like to say thanks to Joan of Moosestash Quilting for hosting this blog hop and allowing me to participate.   

Color, color, color.  As quilters, we can't get enough of it.  And while color for dye in fabric is much different than color for paint, we love it just the same.  

Now The Quilt Show has been doing a Saturday Sampler of color by Dee Christopher. And it is not just color theory of how the color wheel works.( I love how good she is at piecing and having such wonderful methods to teach.) And the one thing I learned very quickly from her is that we all have a color preference. And of course that preference influences our choice of fabric for making quilts. 

There are different styles of fabric from batiks to reproductions, seasonal, and interests such as dinsosaurs or gardening. And then different styles to compliment or use those fabrics with large prints, backgrounds, and more

Generally,  I like more muted tones to quilt with for around my home. This is an example of a scrap quilt using these tones of color.  It was from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge of 2017.

But this is about COLOR.  

And I do love to use color for holidays, and well, my daughter and daughter in law. 
Some of my recent quilts from last year highlight those values: 
This was a combination of bright beautiful batiks. 

This was a great bundle of Tula Pink mixed with some Kaffe Fassett and a bright orange print 


And each of the past 2 years, I have made a bright quilt for donation to  Healing Hearts, an organization which works with grief in families. And I love making something very bright and happy. 

And this year is no different,  And instead of a white background, I am using a grayish grunge background. The charm packs I chose for this are from Laurel Burch and another one, yet to find the name. 

Anyway wonderfully bright colors and prints. 

Here it is as I laid out the center.  

The book has many patterns in it by Melissa Corry using charm packs.  Normally, I don't buy books, but I saw a few others I want to do to use up some fabric hanging around. 

And the big finish!  Well the top anyway.  I hope to get it quilted this week. 
Size at this point about 48 inches square. 
The colors aren't as bright as in person being it is an evening photo session and we have SNOW outside.

Another view from a different angle. 

Some pointers for this construction

1) Pin at the seam with the allowances "nesting" or going in opposite directions.
I did use Best Press to press my fabrics as there were LOTS of half square triangles.
Then pin prior to the seam.  It keeps it from shifting.

2.I prefer to web my blocks together, by putting them in rows and chain sewing each row together. 
Then as you can see below press each column/row in one direction and the next row in the opposite direction.

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers each day.

My cohorts for today are: 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

UFO and goals

 I have many Unfinished projects: some are in stages, in plastic boxes, some are old and I mean decades old, and some are from last year, some were planned for others, etc.  You get the picture.  But I realized  as I tried to keep trying to organize my sewing area, and find lost and found items, and get rid of others that this is a weakness for me and I don't mind some degree of clutter. 

I have been having a great deal of fun watching Youtube quilters. I love Pat Sloan and have started some of her projects.  And I also love Karen Brown on Just Get It Done. And what has especially sounded the bell and made me feel comfortable with me is their honesty and their process thinking.  For that I mean, they admit to getting distracted, putting projects aside, and even getting frustrated with things they are doing. But I love the thinking out loud debates about why they chose this color or this pattern or whatever. I am heading some of their suggestions: like just changing much needed rotary blades, or working on things for short timed increments. 

So I am taking some much needed advice and 

1) Am working on UFOs.  In fact over the next month, I hope to quilt a project each week.  I have at least 4 waiting to be done. Karen Brown had a video just on this topic.  Points that have stuck are to get some of the easy ones out of the way for a "win". You know the ones that don't have too much left to do. And it is encouraging me to continue.  So that is what this is about. Getting easy things done and that means small quilts 2 of which I have made this spring. 2 others that are just waiting and even one of them is started. If you want to see the link to Karen's program:  t  v=AZEiQD8ROBY&list=PLchS26NEYgVw6wnulP9qQoztWMGLLQcAp&index=2

First project quilted and the binding on:  ( It was too big for my table, so I subdivided it. My daughter is happy with the gift.)

Up close: straight line quilting 

Pattern: Mini Yellow Brick road using Stacy Hsu charm pack

2) Am trying to organize and clean up my sewing .  It started as getting things ready for the Bargain Bin at our quilt show which was a couple of weeks ago. I have donated unused blocks, unfinished projects, tools I no longer use and more.  2 bags worth donated. And I am finding more. I am starting Karen's organization she did for the month of January, but taking it at my own pace. 

Easter Dinner:   I had fun making carrot bags: free pattern from Connecting Threads.

Of course, they were filled with Easter Candy.  It's hard to see, but there are 2 different green and orange fabrics.  The 3rd carrot already hippity hopped to my daughter's.

And from our table to yours: Happy Easter!   He is risen!