Thursday, May 30, 2019

Kim Diehl QAL

I have not blogged in a while. And it isn't because I haven't been quilting.

So here is the  first installment of some of my progress.
There is a new quilt along going on.   I love all things Kim Diehl.
And she is having a quilt along; we are in the 3rd week. 
And in order to do the blocks you needed this book which is co-written with Jo Morton. 
You can read her details and posts on both Instagram and her blog.
 The basic instructions are on the Martingale site

In this book it shows 2 versions of very popular blocks each made by one of the two famous ladies.

None of the instructions have been difficult.  In fact the cutting direction have even made my blocks construct easily and precisely. ( I do also use Best Press to size my blocks before cutting.  And I like the ruler for precise 1/8 inches by Lisa Bongean.

This is week one.  The hardest part was selecting the fabrics.
The larger block is 6 inches finished.  The smaller ones 4 inches.
These are from week 2 and are both 5 inches finished.
I am using fabrics from Thimbleberries, Kansas Troubles, some of Jo Mortons and others I have around.

Here are week 3 blocks, each being 2 inches finished.

Can't wait to see what the small beauty will be!

Sunday, May 5, 2019


I had one of the most special days at school on Friday.  We had a take your kid to work day, and my kids are just too big.  So I took my grandson, the older one Jude.

He loved my big kids ( middle and high school)  and rolled the ball with the boys, wrote his numbers when they did math or even did some drawing when they worked on the homework. He lasted until after lunch. Then Grandpa picked him up. After a 2nd lunch, he fell asleep in the car on the way home.

I am thrilled beyond measure: this is a repeat of sorts.  I visited my grandmother's class when she taught first grade. I took my kids to my mom's class when they were young.  And now I got to have my grandson at my school. 

He will be 5 years old  in 2 weeks. And even some of the kids thought he was pretty smart.  But he is all boy and into so many things, coloring not a strength. I have been immensely pleased with his 4K class where he has learned all his letters and sounds and is starting to use them to read words in books. 

And I couldn't leave out my little guy Jensen.  Here is a photo from when we visited the library last week.
This guy loves, loves, loves to run. Corralling him into my arms is hard. But he will relent at times. 

And I am making slow progress on my Wild and Goosey:

I have several 4 patches.  And after many are accumulated (in the future), I am going to add a 3 strip sashing with a 9 patch in the corners.

I am trying to have no repeat blue fabrics in each 4 patch which is 28 different blues. There is a category for the state fair for a quilt with over 100 different fabrics.  I am almost there. 

Friday, May 3, 2019

Spring break

The week has flown and I would like to say I have accomplished much.

But it was not meant to be. I have worked on a few quilt projects, and a little bit of cleaning.

Did finish this project: it is 36 inches squared for a NICU donation. I made the design using all scraps from my stash back and batting included. It was a quilt along for Bea and Cecile from France.

And a lot of heart to hearts:  I needed to touch base with God and let go.... I mean really let go... of my wanting to control over all the things that have piled up and pent up. Not that I ever had control.

There are so many things right now that are going on:  My hubby's prostate cancer, my mother's Alzheimer's and her difficulty transitioning to a nursing home, and the upcoming move by my son and his wife with my 2 adorable grandsons to Louisiana. None of which I have control over. I feel like a merry go round, one gets on and takes me for a spin and when I get used to it, the other turns it faster or harder and away I go. It is not a fun ride at the moment.

I think I have it in better perspective, at least for now.  Or until my humanness takes it back again.
I do feel calmer inside. And the formation of the words seems to make it more tangible and manageable.

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