Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Missing in action

 My apologies.   I haven't blogged in quite some time.   The summer wore me down. The constant unknown of the kitchen and when workers were coming, what were they doing, and how big was the mess became frustrating.  I even set up a sewing area in bedroom to just be able to do something. 

And the 2 vacation trips that did not go as planned hung heavy on my heart.  Although I loved seeing the grandboys, our trip to Houston was cut short.  My daughter in law began her process for having kidney dialysis at home. Timing was unfortunate. ( She had the port inserted; waited it to heal which is harder with diabetics, and then began training for the dialysis. And now she does it at home every night.)

The 2nd trip to Canada to visit Mom was anticlimactic. The nursing home was on lock down due to a flu/stomach bug affecting several patients. So I could not see Mom. Even going to a window would have been confusing to her.  She does not understand masks either. Alzheimers, so frustrating to so many. 

That's not to say that there have been many fun and enjoyable parts to the trips and the rest of the summer. Fireworks and fairs, food and hot air balloon.  And oh, I started working out in the pool at the YMCA and also swimming laps.  And the cherry on top is that the kitchen only has 2 small details to finish up. 

So, what sewing/quilting have I been doing? 

1) 24 Moda Blockheads completed and the setting organized and put into rows. 

2) Winnie the Pooh baby quilt top completed.

3)  Summer Bee wall quilt blocks completed

4) Mini Quilt from Temecula Quilts made ( picture only shows the top, but it is quilted and bound)

5)  100 days 100 blocks  from Angie the gnomeangel in Australia and also with Just Get it Done Quilts in Canada. I have 22 blocks done and am only a week behind.  The blocks are very easy and go quickly.  Fabric pulled from stash: I had several coordinated fabrics together without a project in mind. I just added more scraps to liven it up. 

And ta da!  I was pleased to see my quilt displayed at eye level for my 3rd place ribbon at the Wisconsin State Fair.