Monday, November 29, 2021

Sew or not

 It has been a long while since I have sewn.  I really don't know why. In the past month, I visited my sister in Indianapolis, and moved my daughter,  helped her clean, unpack and begin to decorate her new apartment. We have painted furniture, selected and assembled some furniture, and purchased and put various wall decorations around the rooms. We are so so happy she is in a nice neighborhood not too far from my husband's upbringing and in an apartment that has 7 closets which together would have fit in her the bedroom of her tiny studio.

Plus I did a thorough house clean as we had 2 contractors/interior designers in to look at the kitchen for our remodel.  And as they are overbooked, it will be in spring before it can happen.   We also did a major organizing of the basement and filled up a couple cars with items for  donating including some unused furniture. Hooray!  It feels good. 

Then of course, we have had Thanksgiving. I made the whole traditional feast except with a turkey breast.  The two pies were scrumptious: apple and amaretto pumpkin.  We love Thanksgiving:  the 3 Fs: family, food, and football. That is according to my dear daughter.  Unfortunately, both my son and his wife worked  and the kids spent time with their other grandparents and extended family in faraway Louisiana. 

I have a couple of things just sitting and halfway done by the machine. 

But I am starting on Christmas:  lots of online shopping  

and hopefully lots of fun projects. 

I have Green Bay flannel plaid for some pajama pants for my daughter and husband.

I also have 2 navy shirts for my little boys to put reindeer on. I don't know how many years I can make matching outfits for them. ( ages 5 and 7) 

I might make a couple different table runners for gifts. 

Oh, I am starting on a exchange project for Pieceful Gatherings in Fox Lake, Illinois.  ( Chicago suburb)  ( I could not find the starting kit on their website, as I ordered from their online sale.  There is another one on scraps this Thursday morning, usually about 10:30.

I think I will make a different arrangement of the enormous amounts of half square triangles. 
It will be fun to exchange and get a variety of half square triangles. 
Here are the fabrics I have to start with.  I will add more after these are finished. 

And this week is the starting of other quilt a longs. I am not doing Bonnie Hunter's. 😢😪 I have done several and love all the parts.  Her colors are so bright and fun this time and every time.  It tempts me so.  But I just struggle with the assembling and all the seams that come together in the points. 

But Corrine and Cecile ( They are from France and on facebook!) will reveal their theme this week.  I can't wait.  I have completed 2 of them, assembled the top and started the quilting on one, and only started the piecing of last years. 

Monday, November 22, 2021

Sad day in Waukesha

 Now is the time for getting ready for the holidays.  Buying turkey and stuffing baking pies, making lists for presents, creating with family, and shopping through stores and internet sites. 

However yesterday, our city had its Christmas parade downtown, loved by one and all. And if you follow the news, you would know of the most horrific turn of events.

 One red SUV : maybe Santa or a spoof. No, it instead was a plow mowing down people in its way through the parade. It went right through the back of one of the local high school bands, nearly missing a girl's dance team and continued on through a group of grannies who were dancing. 

40 injuries and 5 deaths and numerous people traumatized

It is incomprehensible.

 Lord, wrap us in your arms and comfort us as we mourn our losses and look to find meaning in these events. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2021


 My dear sister is going to have her 2nd grandchild in spring.  And for her 2 year old granddaughter, she is getting her a baby doll for Christmas. So when I heard that, I asked if she wanted the cradle I had for my dear daughter when she was that age. This cradle came from my grandmother as I had the only girl grandchild. 

My spouse and I do not exactly the lineage, but were happy to get it.  He reassembled it and added a fresh coat of paint.  I made a mattress and a quilt to match my daughter's bed. 

So onto the new quilt :

It is 12 1/2 by 18 1/2.  All made from scraps of a charm pack and matching fabric sitting in my stash. 

It was fun to whip up and practice some cross hatch quilting and a machine binding.