Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Happy 100th birthday!

 Yes, there is a BIG birthday to be celebrated this week.  NO, it is not me. My husband's aunt is turning 100. Yeah Aunt Dorothy!   Longevity runs in the family. Her sister, my mother in law lived to be 100 as well.  And their mother lived to be 95.  

So a special celebration deserves a special birthday banner:

Most of this was created from a panel.  The words, the candles and the border at the top. 
I adapted a pattern for a cake and added the rows of candles: lots of little cutting.

I free motion quilted it last night.  My monofilament threads did not work on my machine. 
Glory knows I tried.  I bent /broke 3 needles. 2 of them ended up shaped like a U.
The machine had just been cleaned and home from the fix up shop.

So I switched to regular thread as I have been quilting the last week. And it was fine. 


Monday, May 2, 2022

Blocks and a banner

 I have been keeping up with Blockheads 4  and am enjoying the playing with fabrics and piecing the blocks.  It is nice to have small projects to do. 

This is block 6   and one of the extra blocks.  

Here is my first version which I liked.  However, it did not play well with the others.
So I dismantled it, and added my background for the diagonal squares. 

Here are all the blocks thus far on my ironing station. 

Latest project is to make a banner for a big birthday. 
My husband's aunt is turning 100 this weekend and there is a big family get together.
And so I utilized some of the leftover fabric from my daughter's table runner to make the banner.

This was an awesome border printed fabric. 
And I sliced up what I had left, made the cake and added the candles and wording.
I made the 100th figures on google docs increasing the font to the proper size ( 150) 

Oh, and another row of candles goes at the bottom.

I need to assemble the 3 sections, layer and quilt it.  Hooray!