Thursday, October 20, 2022

Gremlins, Goblins and Ghouls

Halloween is almost upon us.  And it is time to see all kinds of ghastly quilting delights. What Fun!

Many thanks to Joan for hosting and organizing this fun blog hop!  

Here in Wisconsin, the season of weather is arriving for fall. The trees are just fantastic: 

Whether just down the block or out for a country drive: it is totally gorgeous. 
And while we even had snow on Monday, it is amazing that the leaves have not just dropped from the trees as last year we had a rain that just stripped the trees. but this year we really are having  longer to appreciate their beauty.

And on the drive, we saw the funniest Halloween display: a whole tent of skeletons listening to a band and playing bingo.  Very creative.  On the other side of the driveway were many animal skeletons going over the rainbow bridge. 

But this is about our Halloween quilting: mine are rather cute and not too gruesome at all.

This one is more of a nostalgic appearance with creative borders.  A nice wall hanging.

Close up of quilting:

These are just table toppers from Halloween fabrics and a Terry Atkinson simple pattern from a charm pack.  I just separated the pieced squares into 9 patches with lattice.

And the one that has taken several attempts  at is:

It has gone in and out of the WIP box a few times.  But I am determined to get it done for Halloween this year. I have a cat to make for beside the pumpkins and a spider for the bottom row beside the candy pieces. The cute witch at the top and her green frog need eyes as well as some "Trick or Treat" lettering.