Saturday, April 25, 2020

Back to school

Well, not back at school.  Just back to teaching from my couch.  This week went better than I had hoped. I can really see an apathy in the kids, though. They found out we are in it for the long hall and not being able to return to the building for the remainder of the school year. And the darn weather is crappy and I mean temperature in the  30s and 40s and cloudy with snow sprinkles here and there.  UGH!

Little time doing anything: no sewing, a little cooking, but not much to show since last weekend.

So I HAD to do something to spark my enjoyment in life. And that meant a new project. I have had the materials for 2 months. Just sitting.

Here is the fat quarter bundle I had plus a few Kaffe Fassett fabrics and the accent orange.

This is the pattern I chose to make for my daughter from the bright happy fabrics.
The orange will replace the navy blue in the pattern.

And although I didn't buy the Hex ruler created by the pattern designer, 
I did have this ruler sitting around in my stash.
I marked the cutting edges with tape.
It worked out just fine.

And this is what I have so far: 8 fat quarters completed, and 28 to go

Sunshine usually helps. Sorry, it is still cloudy here.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

End of the "Spring" break

 Some bigger things accomplished this week:

First I attached my 2 borders: the 1 inch light blue and 3 inch white.
Then I quilted it myself using my new walking foot. New to me, 35 year old machine. Attachment seems like new. Worked wonderfully.

I just stitched in the ditch for each of the one inch sashings. I think I will just extend it into the border.
Anyone else have a better idea?

The blocks ( 4 in each white block are 3 1/2 paper pieced. I found it on Pinterest.
I believe it is an old Bonnie Hunter from a magazine called Wild and Goosey.

And I assembled all my Frolic blocks together.  I have the edge stay stitched to prevent stretching.  And I have the  first row of borders cut and ready to go. My sizing is  a little off for the pieced border which is to go on next.  ( I should have used the small binding as a coping strip to compensate.)

Distance learning resumes tomorrow. And we were informed by the governor that it will continue through the end of the school year here in Wisconsin
Bummed, bummed, bummed. 

7 weeks left.

And Spring is a relative term. We have been in the 30s and 40s.  Of course, THIS week is to get to the 50s.   And although we had a week off school. There was nothing to do and nowhere to go. Social distancing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

sewing in Spring Break

Happy Easter!  
I very quiet meal was enjoyed on Easter Sunday with our daughter!
I made this cute little bunny ear bags! 
I think they are adorable, but are only 5x7 ish for the body.

We did get a picture of the three of us. 
It is so good to have her healthy after 3 weeks of the coronavirus. 
We miss the grandkids and were supposed to have flown south .

But in the interim, I am sewing some. I have not posted in over a week.
Here is the progress of Frolic. More than halfway pieced.

And I completed another cake mix box. 
This was had much smaller pieces and made 2  blocks.

Here is the back after completing the sewing. It is hard to see, but it made 1 larger unit and 16 small half square triangles. Best Press is my friend to make these come out evenly.

Final blocks

Then I finally finished m 12 heart blocks. 
And I was even able to have a curbside pick up for some more white fabric for borders and sashing.

Lastly, I pieced this top together on retreat in March.
I have been tinkering with hexies to add here and there. 
But I don't like the end products and so am just going to finish this as is.
The photo dulls the springy pinks and yellows and reds.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

New projects to bolster quarantine.

Another week has gone by.  The good news: spring is starting to warm us up a little: more like up to high 40s and into 50s midday.  The sun, oh the sun. It does a body good. To see it, to feel it and soak up the rays even through the windows. 

And as I am sure you all are feeling the quarantine: so am I.  Ugh.  I have only gone to the grocery once this week. But I have gone for a couple of walks. It is hard to sit, and have to work on the computer. It drags on.  But  we are getting used to it. Dare I even say that when we have a month more.

I have done a little sewin

Last week I mad this heart out of a varigated swath of fabric. The pattern from guild was wanting 4 shades and I just couldn't get the middle shades to be very different. So I made a second block and then substituted a couple pieces to make them variances a little better.
Then I got hte bright idea to make other colors and prepare a snuggle lap quilt for an agency my husband works with: Healing Hearts. The name is perfect.

Before COVID 19, My DH would attend a dinner for families of relatives who have died or are incarcerated. Then they divide into smaller age groups for some sharing and activities. 

And I bought more colors to make:

Plus I am using this as my Hands to Help quilt for Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Confessions of a Fabric Addict
So I have  few more colors to sew and some white to purchase to spread the blocks out.
I really like the blocks.  Making a total of 12 blocks from  colors.

My only other project I have actually worked on is this springy hexie quilt. 
Now, I have pieced the layers into fence, dots, hexie panel and a second go round.
It was a McCalls kit from a magazine.  I bought in online.
But I really wanted to make some additional hexie flowers to add in between.
Slowly, slowly. I am using solids to go with the panel.