Sunday, April 19, 2020

End of the "Spring" break

 Some bigger things accomplished this week:

First I attached my 2 borders: the 1 inch light blue and 3 inch white.
Then I quilted it myself using my new walking foot. New to me, 35 year old machine. Attachment seems like new. Worked wonderfully.

I just stitched in the ditch for each of the one inch sashings. I think I will just extend it into the border.
Anyone else have a better idea?

The blocks ( 4 in each white block are 3 1/2 paper pieced. I found it on Pinterest.
I believe it is an old Bonnie Hunter from a magazine called Wild and Goosey.

And I assembled all my Frolic blocks together.  I have the edge stay stitched to prevent stretching.  And I have the  first row of borders cut and ready to go. My sizing is  a little off for the pieced border which is to go on next.  ( I should have used the small binding as a coping strip to compensate.)

Distance learning resumes tomorrow. And we were informed by the governor that it will continue through the end of the school year here in Wisconsin
Bummed, bummed, bummed. 

7 weeks left.

And Spring is a relative term. We have been in the 30s and 40s.  Of course, THIS week is to get to the 50s.   And although we had a week off school. There was nothing to do and nowhere to go. Social distancing.


  1. I admire all of you teachers going over to the computer to finish the semester off, here in Arkansas there are rural areas that have such limited access to internet that i do not know how they are doing it I wonder if you have run into that problem as well?
    the quilts look good to me.

    1. I am lucky that I work in a fairly well off district. All of our students are given a small laptop. But in my grandson's district it is all paperwork. They have run out of lined paper for the early writers in the dollar stores, even.

  2. Love the Goosey quilt - colors, layout. The whole thing is really pretty.

  3. Your Wild and Goosey in Blues is beautiful and your quilting design is perfect! This year certainly is very strange for schools. Well, it's strange for all of us, actually. :(

  4. Very pretty quilt! I think extending the lines into the border will work fine. Just be sure to mark it well so the lines don't go wonky. They're more likely to be seen on the plain border.