Sunday, March 14, 2021

Retreat 2.0

One year ago, we were at quilt retreat in Oshkosh. And then the world started spinning rapidly.  We all had to adapt to the quarantines and the runs to the grocery and how to wear a mask. 

Why do I bring this up? Because I was again at the retreat where this  started for me. At the time I was taking a day from school. This year I was tutoring remotely. But being around the smaller group of ladies just brings back the memories. 

So here are some of the wonderful quilts that others worked on:
I loved this combination of colors and patchwork.

And I truly admired this bias edged phenomenon that looks amazing from afar.  This quilter really makes me want to try new techniques and challenge myself every time. 

This is oh, so beautiful made with batiks. The background is what really makes the focus glow.  this is her 2nd work using the same pattern.  Just incredible to look at!  And oh, so many pieces to cut!

Duh, ta da DAH! 
 And the reveal of the new quilt top. 
 The finish!           The Tic Tac Go quilt top!  

The borders are great! AND I love it!   All 89 inches square!  

Disregard the printed carpet as the backdrop please.


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

 I am late to the game. And I hadn't started any colors until this week.  I was going to make the zig zag RSC from 2018.  But I just couldn't stomach the corners anymore.  So I started a new block.  

And I am really happy I did . I was interested in making a curved log cabin and found this link:  They have really good pictures but call it a dogwood quilt.   The colored strips were cut at 1 1/2 inches and the white strips cut at 1 inch. My individual block is also adapted to finish at 5 and 3/4 inches. I just left the final row off .   I am thinking of modifying the sizes to make smaller and larger ones . Hmmm.

I just made 4 blocks into a circle.   I started with yellow as that was February's color for the RSC quilt for socrappy. This is a teacher who posts a linky party every Saturday , has  a new block to make each month and they color changes month randomly.   

Then I raided my green scraps for March and made this block.

And since I was on a roll, I searched for pink scraps.  Surprisingly, I was able to find enough different pink fabrics to whip up this block as well. Many of them were 30s fabrics already cut into strips. 

I think they turned out swell and am going to make a few extra units for when I assemble them for a big quilt at the end of the year. 

Lastly, I made this shamrock for my tier tray using buttons and a few beads to fill the holes. 
I need to paint the wood square and glue the shamrock onto it. But is was a fun little project.
I have the greatest in house wood guy; he cuts, he sands, and he does so many things for me.  What a guy!


Monday, March 8, 2021


 I have finished piecing sections of the border for this quilt: Tic Tac Go:  

These are the blocks laid out.

And here are the sections of piano key borders.   Here are a few:

And here is the rest of the stack of 69 sections. Each key is one inch finished. So there was lots of cutting and sorting of colors in piles to assemble. 

All I need is to finish cutting some background border and all the pieces and parts are ready to assemble.    DONE ! 
The center is 75 inches square when it will be together.  The  piano keys are cut at 6 inches. and the setting border will  be one and a half inches.   Totally the quilt at a whopping 89 inches.  Whew!

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Spring flowers

 I have been slowly working on my wool applique for spring.  It has been a goal for for this month to finish the hand stitching and get this block done.  I just love the bright cheery colors and found this really neat design in a book. The on point setting also appealed to me. 


Other progress was to cut and begin sewing the piano keys border to my scrap quilt: Tic Tac Go.

I posted the layout a few days ago. I am going to assemble in next week on retreat. 

I have at least enough for 2 sides. And looking at the colors in the pictures.  I can see that I need a few more lights in the bunch. 

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tic Tac Go

On a roll to clean out and finish!   I was so excited!  I thought my retreat was this week and had been collecting things for the give away table.   And I had worked so hard to make the 25 squares for my scrap quilt to put together.   Each block has 85  pieces and is 15 inches finished size   Lots of cutting and sewing to make 9 patch and half square units; then I would assemble units to blocks.   I have no idea what the real name as I created mine from a photo  on Pinterest.  

So glad to look at a picture: found two triangles square turned.  Unfortunately, some of the blocks are not quite the same size as others.  We will tackle that problem next week. 

And then the email came:  The retreat is NEXT week.  Oh, my  I was so anxious, I just pushed it earlier in my mind.

So what to do with an extra week.  I got out a UFO to keep working on.  This was a Rainbow Scrap Challenge from 2018.  I was making long rows of color using strips and black and white to tie it together and give it punch. I pulled it out, I cut yellows for February's color. ( I am not a pink girl. ) I took apart the one row assembled incorrectly.  Resewed them.  INCORRECTLY again.  

So I took a break and cleaned my bookshelf  washing all the knick knacks, getting rid of old things. I now want to redo a few pieces in more farmhouse colors. The more you do, the more you find things to do. 

And after deliberations, I have decided to chuck the RSC blocks.  It goes to a give away table or the trash.  I do not care.  One more thing off my list.

So for my goals from January 1st: 

Rainbow Scrap UFO:   Tanked, gone, and out of my life.

Star challenge:  no progress, still hanging in the closet 

Scrap quilt (Tic Tac Go) :  ALL blocks made and ready to assemble

Sleepy fox:  Completed!

Winter mini quilt:   Completed!

New York Beauty: no progress

Daughter's Orange spinner:  Completed!

So lots of successes! 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Thinking spring

I was actually hot sitting in the sun today.  On Wednesday, it  had already melted away 9 inches of our snow in 2 warmer days. Which means the snow piles are still 4 feet tall. And now we have brown snow.  The edges of the road are brown from the dirt that had been shoved to the sides with the snow and can be seen now that the snow is melting.  

Ice sickles are longer than ever this year  The gutters have several inches of ice above the tops of them.

But even more good news: the robins arrived to Wisconsin. Spring can't be far. 

In between my machine sewing, I have been working on my wool applique.  FOR SPRING!
Here is the pieced background from a few weeks ago. The fabrics are from Corey Yoder. 

Then here are several shots of the refreshing coral wool in flower shapes. 

This shows the beading around the center of  the flower. 

Linking to Love, Laugh Quilt.  One of my favorite linky parties on Monday!