Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tic Tac Go

On a roll to clean out and finish!   I was so excited!  I thought my retreat was this week and had been collecting things for the give away table.   And I had worked so hard to make the 25 squares for my scrap quilt to put together.   Each block has 85  pieces and is 15 inches finished size   Lots of cutting and sewing to make 9 patch and half square units; then I would assemble units to blocks.   I have no idea what the real name as I created mine from a photo  on Pinterest.  

So glad to look at a picture: found two triangles square turned.  Unfortunately, some of the blocks are not quite the same size as others.  We will tackle that problem next week. 

And then the email came:  The retreat is NEXT week.  Oh, my  I was so anxious, I just pushed it earlier in my mind.

So what to do with an extra week.  I got out a UFO to keep working on.  This was a Rainbow Scrap Challenge from 2018.  I was making long rows of color using strips and black and white to tie it together and give it punch. I pulled it out, I cut yellows for February's color. ( I am not a pink girl. ) I took apart the one row assembled incorrectly.  Resewed them.  INCORRECTLY again.  

So I took a break and cleaned my bookshelf  washing all the knick knacks, getting rid of old things. I now want to redo a few pieces in more farmhouse colors. The more you do, the more you find things to do. 

And after deliberations, I have decided to chuck the RSC blocks.  It goes to a give away table or the trash.  I do not care.  One more thing off my list.

So for my goals from January 1st: 

Rainbow Scrap UFO:   Tanked, gone, and out of my life.

Star challenge:  no progress, still hanging in the closet 

Scrap quilt (Tic Tac Go) :  ALL blocks made and ready to assemble

Sleepy fox:  Completed!

Winter mini quilt:   Completed!

New York Beauty: no progress

Daughter's Orange spinner:  Completed!

So lots of successes! 


  1. I love that first pattern you show - really interesting!

  2. Love that first pattern. String blocks are really pretty, too!

  3. Your first blocks are going to make a beautiful quilt. I've been thinking of making that block myself. Enjoy your retreat and good job on your goals!

  4. It's gorgeous! LOVE all the scraps in it!

  5. Tic Tac Go is a very beautiful quilt! Congrats!

  6. You are going to have such a lovely quilt when those blocks are put together and quilted. Can't believe you are trashing those colorful RSC blocks! I really like that String quilt.

  7. Wonderful scrap projects. They're both great.