Sunday, March 14, 2021

Retreat 2.0

One year ago, we were at quilt retreat in Oshkosh. And then the world started spinning rapidly.  We all had to adapt to the quarantines and the runs to the grocery and how to wear a mask. 

Why do I bring this up? Because I was again at the retreat where this  started for me. At the time I was taking a day from school. This year I was tutoring remotely. But being around the smaller group of ladies just brings back the memories. 

So here are some of the wonderful quilts that others worked on:
I loved this combination of colors and patchwork.

And I truly admired this bias edged phenomenon that looks amazing from afar.  This quilter really makes me want to try new techniques and challenge myself every time. 

This is oh, so beautiful made with batiks. The background is what really makes the focus glow.  this is her 2nd work using the same pattern.  Just incredible to look at!  And oh, so many pieces to cut!

Duh, ta da DAH! 
 And the reveal of the new quilt top. 
 The finish!           The Tic Tac Go quilt top!  

The borders are great! AND I love it!   All 89 inches square!  

Disregard the printed carpet as the backdrop please.



  1. such lovely quilts - we have been the last couple days thinking about a year ago when this started also and within a week it seemed like I was trying to find toilet paper! really do love those quilts

  2. Tic tac Go is beautiful!! The piano key border is perfect. I made a dragonfly quilt using that same pattern for my sister in law. Thankfully I had purchased a laser cut kit, so most of the cutting was done. There was so good quilty inspiration going on at your retreat!

  3. Love, love, LOVE your new quilt top!! It's SEW gorgeous!

  4. Love both Tic Tac Go and the top one with the 9-patches and squares. Great work everyone!

  5. OH, the Tic Tac Go turned out so fabulous and that piano key border is da bomb. I made Bonnie Hunter's Jamestown Landing and STILL haven't gotten the piano key border on. Ugh!

  6. I love the Tic Tac Go quilt! Is there a pattern or can you give me sizes to cut? I have so many scraps.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful!! What a year it's been. Holding my breathe that we are getting back to a bit of normalcy, but oh the variants.
    Sandy's Space