Monday, April 12, 2021

Missing in Action

 Dear quilting friends. 

I feel like time has flown.  But my absence was due to a few reasons. 

First, my spouse and I had a wonderful trip to see our grandboys in Louisiana.  It was absolutely wonderful weather and I wore short sleeves all week.  Such heaven.  But of course the best part was being with those 2 giggly little guys.  I got to hold them in my lap and read books and create projects and share meals.  And I just got to hold and love them.  Oh, that is truly the best. I had missed them so. 


Selfies are not the best way to take pictures.  But I love them just the same. 


We planned this week as the kids were off school.  One day we had a great hike and wading in a stream at the Kisatchie National Forest.  So pretty. Here is my HB, the boys and my daughter in law. 

We had to eat the local food and our favorite dinners were fried catfish and crawfish. Yum!

Here is the Easter hat we designed for school. Jensen and I painted the white hat orange. And then we added all the sports shaped eggs. He even helped string eggs. 

The time passed much too quickly.  And my boys and I had a few tears when it was time to leave. 
But we already have a vacation planned for us all in June. 

Then upon returning, I worked on some projects not requiring my favorite sewing machine which had been in for a "spa" treatment.  

I made more hourglass blocks for the Timeless Tidbits quilt from Temecula Quilt Shop. Lots of half square triangles realigned to make the hourglasses. 

I not have 230 blocks completed, which were made in groups of 10 of the same colors. 
Only 170 more to go before assembling the quilt. 
Here are some of them.

Then I thought I ought to protect the spa treatment to keep up from becoming too dirty. 
I know it really needed a good cleaning and adjusting. 

So I had this pattern from Thimble Blossoms. 


I used a charm pack and some Thimbleberries fabrics. More half square triangles assembled and joined 

Then I added the remaining strips of fabric, adapted the size for my machine. 
I wanted to quilt in cross hatching.  And as I contemplated it.  I noticed the print already had that design built into it.  Bonus!

I then added the ties and the binding, my first attempt at doing it by machine.  It turned out just great

And voila!  it is done!


  1. sometime in the future if you plan a trip again to see the grands in the south you might want to check Hamilton MO for a night stop from WI when you travel - Hamilton is home to the Missouri Star Quilt shop and there are about 10 shops to wander through - I don't think there is a hotel in the town but maybe nearby we camped at a campground on the edge of town last time we travel to WI to see our family there - but now I will need to use the reason of just needing to go see Hamilton as our daughter no longer lives in WI so that is not a good excuse as almost half way LOL

  2. What a wonderful visit! And what a cute hat. Your sewing machine cover is lovely, I have a pattern I plan to use to make one, maybe it's time since my machine had a recent spa too!

  3. Few things bring more joy than grands! We sure love them. I am sorry you don't live closer to them.