Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wedding present

Two years ago, I made this tree skirt for my son and daughter in law. ( December 2016)
Additionally, I pieced a 2nd one at the same time.  It has been sitting.
It was initially made with the intention of going to a niece. But stayed in the undone pile.

Last week I got it out and took it to retreat to begin the finishing for a different wedding on June 9 for another niece.  So, the piecing is done ( It is from a Quilting World magazine.)
And I layered it quilted it with straight lines in red thread during retreat.

I have now added the binding to the outside perimeter. Last night I hand stitched it all the way around.

Last steps:  add the gold garland by using a decorative stitch on my machine. DONE! See above.

 Cut the center and slit and add the binding there. Add ties.  Lastly hand stitch it and add a label.  ( Something I have been remiss in doing in the past.)

Goal to have it done this weekend!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day weekend

Finally , a post.

I don't know what has come over me.  But I am sure ready for the end of the school year.  My patience has worn thin with a few of my 10th grade boys.  
But that is what makes it interesting.  We have two, count them 2 weeks left of school. Eight days for me, as I am going to miss the last day for a wedding in North Carolina.

But on to my quilting progress:.  I have had these beauties pieced for a while.  They are the 3rd stage of my Gooseberry patch.  I have applique holly in several parts, another 6 blocks of patchwork,  as well as 2 long rows of flying geese.  I like the progress.

Secondly, here are 30 blocks finished for my smallest grandson.  He is in a big boy bed.  And I still have not finished the one for the other grandson.  So I need to have them both done at the same time to be able to give them together.   These blocks go together quickly.  I did have my Stash Bee make some, too. But I only have 4 of them so far. Lots of progress from the original 4 blocks I posted at the beginning of the month. 

And the best part of the weekend was the birthday dinner for this four year old.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Spring Retreat

OH, how I love to go on my quilting retreat with my guild.  A weekend spent of sewing and sharing and eating and so on.  We all travel to a church camp which is on a lake.  And I just can't get over being by water.  From morning to night I love staring at the waves, or the clear reflections, or the sun as it dances across it.  
Her is the morning mist photo. A great way to start with an ethereal quality provided by the softness of the fog and clouds. 

Next are all the lovely projects that I admired from other quilters.
This one is for her up north cottage that has all kinds of musky lures. So bright and cute.

The next one is a superbly pieced modern one of all half square triangles from a charm pack.

This one is maybe 7 inches square, but so beautiful. This friend always makes art quilts with great detail. She and her daughter play with color and threads and fabric making scenes.

This is a Kim Schaefer kit started with a panel of the animals trimmed up. There were more borders and sashing to be added. Great fabrics those black and whites!

Here was a great small wall hanging. I just loved the border and how it set it off. 

And this is a Timeless Treasures panel in the center that looked!  Even up close. The borders were so neat. 

And all good things must come to an end: here is the sunset on the water.

I will post my progress on projects tomorrow.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The sun is out!

Hooray!  What wonderful weather.  And I have so many things to look forward to:.

My spouse agreed to replace my sliding glass door which was original to the house since 1977. It is extra large, but so important to my look on nature in the back yard. It will cost a few pretty pennies,  but so worth it.

Plus he also agreed to  a lawn care service.  I was getting so frustrated with the moss, bare spots and lack of green. He takes such care with mowing it; so consistent.  This will really spruce us up.

School end is a month away.  And we have a family wedding then to attend in North Carolina.

I can tell you that I am perking up now that the 2nd go round of antibiotics is done.  Wow, I feel so much better. Just need to get the endurance up.

So I am working on my Block of the Month: which is gooseberry patch.  And I am piecing the Cross and crown 9 inch blocks. putsy, but they should be great. Love the variety of reds and backgrounds!
Squares were cut 3 and 1/4 inches

After I did my diagonal line and quarter inch seams, cut in half and thin trimmed to 2 and 7/8 inches.
( not in the pattern)

Went together much easier than I thought.  Tricks that helped:  starched fabrics prior to cutting and this pattern.   Here is the link if you would like to try it. Cross and crown block

The right picture is 6 stacks of 4 each.  Now just to assemble the blocks with lattice.

And I have cut out lots of my garden fence blocks.  Plus I ordered more grays and whites.
Each block is 10 inches.  This bright quilt will be for my little grandson on his big boy bed.

10 blocks done, 28 more for me to piece. They go together quickly.

Lastly here are my mug rugs for my Mom for Mother's day.