Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wedding present

Two years ago, I made this tree skirt for my son and daughter in law. ( December 2016)
Additionally, I pieced a 2nd one at the same time.  It has been sitting.
It was initially made with the intention of going to a niece. But stayed in the undone pile.

Last week I got it out and took it to retreat to begin the finishing for a different wedding on June 9 for another niece.  So, the piecing is done ( It is from a Quilting World magazine.)
And I layered it quilted it with straight lines in red thread during retreat.

I have now added the binding to the outside perimeter. Last night I hand stitched it all the way around.

Last steps:  add the gold garland by using a decorative stitch on my machine. DONE! See above.

 Cut the center and slit and add the binding there. Add ties.  Lastly hand stitch it and add a label.  ( Something I have been remiss in doing in the past.)

Goal to have it done this weekend!


  1. Its beautiful! I love those colorful trees! The added garland brings it all together...beautiful!

  2. That garland is the perfect touch! The bright coloured trees are so fun too. Thanks for linking with TGIFF this week :)

  3. This tree skirt pattern is so fun! The garland does add so much sparkle. Great finish!