Monday, March 1, 2021

Thinking spring

I was actually hot sitting in the sun today.  On Wednesday, it  had already melted away 9 inches of our snow in 2 warmer days. Which means the snow piles are still 4 feet tall. And now we have brown snow.  The edges of the road are brown from the dirt that had been shoved to the sides with the snow and can be seen now that the snow is melting.  

Ice sickles are longer than ever this year  The gutters have several inches of ice above the tops of them.

But even more good news: the robins arrived to Wisconsin. Spring can't be far. 

In between my machine sewing, I have been working on my wool applique.  FOR SPRING!
Here is the pieced background from a few weeks ago. The fabrics are from Corey Yoder. 

Then here are several shots of the refreshing coral wool in flower shapes. 

This shows the beading around the center of  the flower. 

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  1. never does 40 feel so good then after a long extreme cold spell - the sun was shining here today after a cloudy morning - it was 50 and felt so good - I was trimming the blackberry bushes I put in last year cutting the dead stuff off and found green leaf buds - spring is on it's way!