Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Sleepy Fox

 It is COMPLETED.  The sleepy fox baby quilt is DONE!  And I am so happy. I spent most of Tuesday afternoon hand sewing the binding.  Here is the cute woodland backing; it is a lovely soft fabric, not flannel, though.

For the quilting, I just outlined the trees and stitched in the ditch of the many triangles of the fox. I used my walking foot on my old, old Bernina. Best stitching I have done in a while. 
 I didn't want to over do it, but it seems a little wrinkly on the front side. 
't =

Here were some process photos of how I assembled the trees . I did take inspiration from 3rd story workshop which I found on Pinterest. She even had a tutorial on how she assembled the trees which I found long after mine were created. 

Here are some of the various "birch" trees that I created in previous week. 

This is the sleepy fox up close.  It was paper pieced  and here is the pattern from etsy: Sleepy fox pattern site It ends up 12 by 16 I think. 

And here is my lovely finished quilt. The binding is the same as the backing. 

Now looking at it, I think I need to iron it before mailing it. But it turned out great!  My husband twice has gone out of his way to compliment me on this project.  ( And I did lately tell him how it was a creative block at the time; the assembly of the trees was easier than I thought. But it was kind of putsy.

So sleep on little fox and I hope the precious little girl will love you, too. 


  1. Love it!!! I always love the little sleeping foxes in that position and birch trees are just wonderful!

  2. Oh my, but this is an adorable quilt! That little fox is the cutest and you did a great job on your birch trees. Congrats! on a fine finish!

  3. WOW! It's really awesome. The aspen trees look so real and your fox is adorable. You found a perfect backing for it. Colorful and cute. I can see why you're pleased with it. Way to Go! Hope you're staying safe from the Covid and hope you're able to get your shots soon; if you've not already been successful at doing so.
    Sandy's Space