Sunday, February 19, 2017

Getaway " Up North" and 2 quilt stores

My dear husband and I planned a getaway up north in Wisconsin to Door County. We love the lake and cute communities along the peninsula and have gone several times in summer months. So we thought we would try winter weather. There was even an ice sculpting competition and assorted events.
 Below is a sturgeon fish cut from a block of ice 2 1/2 by 4 feet.  It is hard to see and shattered in less than 24 hours.

Ha! I don't think weather in the 50s classifies as wintry; most of the snow was gone. They had a little more than we did, but it was only the piles along the parking lots or under tree cover. Still a weekend away was a bonus, plenty of time away from the daily grind and responsibilities.

Here is the end of the pier by the channel opening. Notice the sand in the front, the piles of dirty snow, followed by slushy, chunky ice floating on the waves. Definitely a change from summer.

We each left work mid day to stop along the way. Yes, a quilt store was planned. In one of the most recent Quilt Sampler's was Going to Pieces. It had a wide variety of styles of fabrics: batiks, moda: with Kansas Troubles, and several other designers. Around the store is beautiful wood pews, cabinets, and tables. The best part for me was the Kim Diehl fabrics, because I am making one of her patterns at this time. So I collected a few teals  and rusty oranges for RSC, a good background, a red and a cute little tin.

Then later on Saturday, I visited Barn Door Quilt Shop in Sturgeon Bay. The owner is always happy to see you, and we have met her dog often. She always has a sale of buy 3 fat quarters, get one free.  i am always inspired by her various samples and styles, and have even started a Crabapple Hill stitchery from there.  But my find was a real cute pattern for a little fabric house cover for a card table. Of course, it is for the grandsons.

We had several good meals away from home. Our first night we watched the sunset on the bay while eating a pan fried walleye. It was glorious: both the view and the meal. Sturgeon Bay is known for upkeep on the tankers for the Great Lakes. There were at least a dozen in port being refurbished, or being repaired, . They well leave mid March due to limited ice which is 2 weeks ahead of season.
Here is the great bridge that swings open for tall ships in summer.

I did get some needle work done while we sat by the fire or watched tv.

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