Sunday, September 10, 2017

Quilt Expo

Yeah! I finished my first week of school. And things went  smoothly. I even went to a cross country meet after school one day. I so empathise with those teams as my son did it for one year until he grew 6 inches.  They are remarkable to be able to run despite weather and terrain. 

So the weekend is here. I had pre-purchased  tickets and I2 one hour lectures for Madison's Quilt Expo.  Love it.  I drove at 7:00 in the morning to get there and competed with the UW Wisconsin football traffic for the game at 11:00. 

Here are highlights of some of the 300 quilts displayed there. The assortment from wall hangings and quilts were in a variety of styles and  in row upon row and oh, so inspiring. 

This first quilt is 3 dimensional depicting 3 different replications of famous paintings. 
Oh, my and the "frame", although made of fabric was dimensional as if a real wooden ornate one. 
Sorry, for the poor photography.

I had to include this quilt as Wisconsin is known for its cheese and therefore cows, as well.
So bright and Moovelous!

This beauty is the Best of Show and her comments are below. The intricacies of the piecing are incredible. And up close the quilting was, too.

This incredible hand appliqued and hand quilted one was so fresh. The colors were more better up close. The border is piped. 

For the next quilt, the close up quilting wowed me.

But I love the quilt as it is an adapted perspective of a double wedding ring which was pieced. Details to the outer border were intricately quilted flowers in a rainbow of stripes. 

As the day also was my husband's birthday, I was impressed with the spirited version of celebratory cakes and party favors.

More to come.  But did you see the edge of the one above. Piping in rainbow of colors each knotted.
And notice the quilting as well.


  1. Oh, MAN! Those quilts were totally worth the traffic you had to fight through in order to see them! The quilted painting is just amazing, and the others are as well. Thanks for sharing the show highlights with us!

  2. Thanks for sharing the show highlights. I wasn't able to go this year. I wonder though if those quilts aren't more intimidating than inspiring!

  3. Your down select of the quilts you chose to feature was excellent. Those three dimension picture ones are amazing. I love, love, love the cows. And Bodacious is incredible. I think my favorite part of it is the harlequin diamond inset panels. Thanks for photographing and sharing the inspiration.

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