Sunday, October 6, 2019

slow stitching aka binding

I am so excited.... I picked up my grandson's quilt from the quilter.  I had the top and pieced back done way back in August. The quilter had 50 quilts dropped off that week. And she had just had her knee replaced. As I was busy with the beginning of school, it was no issue.

But now I get to finish it.  So here it is at the sewing machine with all the binding to be added.

Here is a picture of some of the quilt so you can see the quilt pattern. Very geometric with squares and circles.

And here it is much closer and you can see that the binding is ready to be turned under.  The first picture shows more of the true aqua blue background color.

More pictures once it is all done. 


  1. LOVE the random circles! They go great with all the perfect, bright squares! I am going to quilt one that way someday...

  2. Perfect quilting and binding for this quilt. Your grandson is going to love it!