Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday: Free day!

Don't you love having a 3 day weekend!  Oh, yes, more time to quilt.  So I am taking the time to do "putsy" stuff: lots of details and steps requiring concentration and time.

First off, a pot French Vanilla coffee made with a paper towel.  I need to get out to the grocery for those accumulating items on the list.

Next, I found a striped back perfect colors for the back and  layered the big Hexies. I found a batting that was smashed under my seat cushion of my sewing chair rather than the flannel I was thinking. ( for added height for me but had the reverse effect on the batting.)

I quilted a quarter inch around the center blocks, back stitching when I reached the starting point.
Now for the "putsy" part: I cut around the odd shaped edge and then trimmed the batting a quarter inch from there.  Now I am halfway pinning the top and the bottom having turned under both seam allowances.  Yes, putsy.

As I was getting bored, I decided to work on the applique for my Log Cabin quilt along. I cut a medium green on the diagonal 2 pieced for extra length and 2 shorter ones. I then found my bias bars from Clover.

After stitching down the long side, wrong sides together, I inserted the bias bar and pressed the trimmed seam to one side. I felt like an inchworm pushing it down the tube and then pressing each new length. After being pulled out, I repressed them to get rid of the wrinkly ridges.  Ta Da!  Great bias stems for curved seams. Pardon the dirty ironing board.

Onto the the berries, I found a red with yellow crows feet for them. I get to make 54 of these 1 inch beauties.  I am using  Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles.

 You cut the fabric a quarter inch bigger than the round template, gather the edge, and then press with sizing. Perfect!  the package has so many different sized circles up to 2 inches, with multiples of each and a binder ring to string them on.

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