Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Quilt for 3 year old grandson

Last year my 2 year old grandson graduated to his big boy bed, as his little brother needed the crib. I had the coordinated fabric from his brother's baby quilt to make one for him.

So they moved to the new house! Hooray!  And then 2 year old got his new bed.  Mom and Dad used the quilt I had made for Dad's high school graduation.   It is nice to see it being used.  So I let this quilt go for a while. And,  I did  had leftover fabric and made a coordinated pillowcase for him. 

And now he turns 3 this month.  And I still have the fabric. And of course, many pinned ideas for it on Pinterest. 

A) He likes vehicles.  (Definitely my grandson, as Dad did too.)   So I thought I would definitely applique different ones to different squares or rectangles.  Here are some of the ideas for blocks,  I even think that a stop sign, stop light and cones would be great as small blocks.

Cute Cars Digital Clip Art Transportation Clipart by YarkoDesign:

B) I have been collecting bright colors for patchwork to go in between the blocks. My creative thoughts are to frame the appliqued blocks with a solid like color and then add squares of all the colors in between.  I am picturing it kind of like either of these 2 quilts. And then border it in the print. 
Idea for boy quilt of cars/trucks instead of baskets.: baby quilt:

Sunday afternoon I had time to myself. So I opened pinterest and google images and started drawing patterns for blocks: a car, a bicycle, a fire truck, an ambulance, a train with cars behind it, an airplane, a helicopter, a front end loader, a back hoe, etc.  And I then used a straight edge and protractor to make the shapes neater.  

Now I just need to trace them with a marker.  And start cutting the colors to applique.

I have all the materials assembled and ready to take for retreat in less than 2 weeks.

 Can't wait!


  1. This will be a darling quilt! Isn't it wonderful to get so much (sometimes overload ha) inspiration right from your chair?! Looks like a perfect retreat quilt.

  2. Your quilt is going to be adorable. I love having an excuse to make a quilt... not that I need an excuse!