Friday, October 20, 2017

More blocks

It's Friday and I have had a little time during the week as well as this evening to sew.  I even got to pick out dinner I liked and chill by myself as hubby had a concert  in Madison.

So progress:

Here are all the rest of my pink blocks for my rainbow scrap challenge. Then all that is left to complete are brown squares and a few odd colors I have found and cut out. And THEN I can assemble the quilt. this gives me a total of 9 pink blocks.  The more I make these pinwheels the more precise I am getting with the centers. Matching all those triangles can be a tricky and need to be resewn a time or two.

Next up are the 2 latest Blockheads blocks. Dutchman's puzzle was quick to assemble and I even accidentally got it spinning in the right direction. The 2nd block I cut out the wrong colors and had to remake a the half square triangles.  But it turned out nicely in the end.  Again these are 6 inch blocks for a total of 33.  All of mine are in Kansas Troubles fabrics.

Lastly I am making a lap quilt for a veteran for a wheelchair. Here are 8 friendship star blocks to start it out. They are 6 inch blocks.


  1. Deb, are you aware of the message we’re all getting from your linkup to the RSC? It says the connection is not private and that someone may be impersonating your website to steal personal or financial information.

    I came here via an independent Google search for you, not through the link. Perhaps you can try again? In the meantime - I love your blocks!

  2. You've been busy while I was gone! So many beautiful blocks to look at throughout the last few posts. Your grandsons are adorable, and what a cute photo! How nice that you had some special time with them. Thank you for your comments on my blog! It's always nice to hear from you.