Sunday, October 15, 2017

Falling into fall

September is gone and October is here!  Fall leaves have either accumulated on the ground or hung tightly to their trees.  My grandsons love to crunch, crunch, crunch them on our walks around the block. Misty rain has arrived dampening all outside and finally bringing some beautiful color to the trees.

I have been looking forward to this  October week for some time.  I took off several days of work for it as my spouse and I will be caregivers for the grandboys from Monday night through Sunday as 
son and daughter in law are going to a destination wedding in Jamaica. I have many activities planned, food and craft supplies prepared, and even  a safety gate ready to prevent a tumble down the stairs at night.  We even had a trial run on a Saturday to make sure the little one would sleep at our house, something he was reluctant to do previously.

Here is the photo I arranged to be taken complete with matching outfits for them.  It is tough to take pictures of little guys... and I even had a 9 a.m. appointment.

I feel like I haven't gotten much done for quilting, but am constantly in completing the blocks stage.
This week is no different:

New Blockheads:

New color for RSC : pink

But here is my row to start for the row by row at my quilt guild this week.  O.K. here are the blocks that went into the row quilt.  I forgot to take a picture before it started on its journey.

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