Monday, October 1, 2018

Finally a quilt block

I made a quilt block, on my sewing machine even.  .It has been quite a great while. But it is a new month. And this is stash bee block for October.  Like putting on training wheels to get started.

My other photos are from the China Lights display at a local park. They were really impressive and so beautiful and this is a mere sampling of the many displays throughout the park. The grandboys loved them, too. It is a traveling display. We would have stayed longer to see the programs and food, but it began to rain and we had not brought any rain gear and became drenched.

Hubby and I

 A Phoenix

Son, daughter in law and one of the boys in a lighted tunnel that the colors changed.
The other munchkin at dinner beforehand.



  1. Looks like a fun evening you had at your China Lights display - very pretty. I like that block that you did and red and black always attractive I think

  2. The light display looks like it was great fun! I really enjoy things like that. And it's a bonus spending time with family. :)

  3. The lights are amazing! So pretty, what fun to walk among them. LOVE your quilt square....great design and color combo