Thursday, June 30, 2022

Hooray for me!

 I have lots going on. Sometimes life gets super busy and hectic. I just need to go with the flow.

So first of all, I need prayers for my daughter in law.  She has undergone a surgery to implant a tube for in-home kidney dialysis. It has been on the radar since she delivered my 2nd grandson 6 years ago. He was born 2 months early so that she could have kidney medication which would have been detrimental to his in utero growth.   So when I visited two weeks ago, we consulted her nephrologist who said it was time; her kidney function numbers were too low and she had daily symptoms impacting her life negatively. 

Samantha and my oldest grandson

This also precedes a long wait for a kidney/pancreas transplant. It is so hard to be states away from them. I wish I could offer support and care, food and distractions for the boys and general love and hugs in person. 

But onto better things; the remodel for my kitchen has begun. Destruction with massive noise and such began Monday.  End game should be the 2nd week of August. It is exciting to finally be in the actual work stage as the journey with consultations and selections began before Christmas. 

Before                                                                                    After

It is an unusual kitchen : a step down  surrounded by cabinets on all 4 sides, and counters on 2 sides one upper and one lower.

Living out of boxes will be interesting. 

But the best news I have to offer is that I submitted a quilt to be judged at the Wisconsin State Fair. (My first entry and only other entry was way back in 2006.) So I was able to witness the judging in the 30ish categories yesterday.   And I was so excited to earn a 3rd place ribbon.  The first place was a quilter extraordinaire who won 3 first places yesterday and a member/friend in my guild. The only critique was my choice of background as being too thin and the seam allowances showed. I recognized that, but it was what I had yards of for completing it. So much for some online shopping. 

Judge Maribeth Schmit  showing the winners  ( and my quilt)

Other than that, a little bit of sewing before I could not be in my sewing room next to the kitchen.

Moda 4 blockheads

This totals 15 blocks so far: all 9 inch sized.

July 4th wall hanging:         a mess in a box.


  1. so sorry about your daughter in law I hope she gets the help she needs soon it is so hard to help when miles away and all you can do is make sure you get there when you need to. Good luck on the kitchen a small kitchen is hard to redo isn't it. Congratulations on the quilt

  2. Best of luck to your daughter in law. I was about to say maybe the boys could come stay with you for awhile to help her out, then read about your kitchen demo and remodel, and thought oophs no, that would never work. Congrats on your quilt. It looks awesome.
    Sandy's Space

  3. I'm glad you have some good adventures and visits with family. I will pray for good health for your DIL and that dialysis will buy her some time. Congrats! on your third place ribbon for your beautiful quilt!