Thursday, June 23, 2022

June update

 Well, the weather is certainly a headliner this year.  Cool, cool temperatures to start the month and now quite the opposite with record breaking HOT temperatures. 

My husband and I flew to Louisiana to see the dear grandboys. They are both growing so tall and are always a welcome addition to my lap. Lots and lots of snuggles and kisses. I do love them so. ( Not that I wasn't happy to see their parents, as well.)

Of course logs of computers and video games. 

                Caterpillar from their tomato plants. It is amazing how much can be eaten in a day.

The weather was a 20 degree contrast to Wisconsin, and not exactly favorable to be outside. But we enjoyed books, puzzles, games and more. Additionally, we took them to Houston to expose them to some tourist sites. Of course, they really liked swimming in pools. Go figure! But they are becoming better and better swimmers. 

We toured the NASA site.  Such wonders to remember from my past many years ago. I remember watching so many launches and landings on the TV as a teenager. And we got to see an  an actual Saturn rocket that would have carried a later Apollo mission but was canned while there. A full football field long on its side.( housed inside a building). There were many buildings on the site for all kinds of engineering including the upcoming Artemis missions first to the moon and then on to Mars. The first rocket is already build and being tested yesterday for fuel success. The boys did well for all the activities we saw: movie, tram ride, hands on experiments, and many beautiful replicas. 

Rockets on the end of stage 1  of Saturn

Short trip to the moon, no spacesuits needed.

On top of tower overlooking the 747 that carried the Space Shuttle

Next, we went to the Museum of Natural Science which also included a planetarium and butterfly exhibit. Dinosaurs and dinosaurs, shells, minerals and gems. Such a lot to take in for one day.

And lastly we went to Galveston Beach. A contrast to others as Hurricane Katrina devastated it and now all the silt from the Mississippi empties around it making the water a brown color. The day we were there it was windy with higher waves. The boys learned how to jump and dive through them and of course, dug into the sand.

The trip was marred by the medical news that my daughter in law needs a kidney/pancreas transplant and is going on dialysis. This has been an ongoing struggle as she has Type 1 Diabetes and had kidney struggles with her 2nd pregnancy 6 years ago.  We hold her in our thoughts and prayers. And maybe a 2nd trip to assist with the boys is in the cards for  me.   

Unfortunately, no sewing of any kind was completed for the trip nor did I have any fabric shopping.  Oh well.

But I have worked on a few things in between:    This is a quick baby quilt  using a charm pack.  It's nice to use up some of the stash, but I did need to buy the yellow. 

These are the latest Moda Blockheads 4 blocks making my total to about 10

All for now. Hoping you are having a good summer as well. 


  1. I certainly will keep your daughter in law in my thoughts I hope she can get the needed transplants - how scary.
    Those tomato caterpillars are such a plague they can destroy the whole tomato crop in a week! Once you find one you must constantly search for more

  2. meant to add we love Galveston - have gone there many times over the years - my husband lived 50 miles from there in south Houston in part of his teenage years family continued to live there for awhile and so we had in visit now it is about 12 hours or so from us so still go now and then

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with the boys and a full itinerary. You'll need to rest up after your trip. Sorry to hear about DIL, hope things go well for her and the family. Lovely quilting.
    Sandy's Space