Monday, March 20, 2023


 The calendar and the vernal equinox say that it is spring today. And I am truly jealous of more southern states that are lucky enough to feel warmer breezes and see daffodils and such. Wisconsin is NOT ready ready for spring. I can say that I have seen several robins arrive. Where they get there food is a complete mystery to me as we are between snow storms here. No buds, no blooms, no green here. 

Here are some lovely shots of the surrounding roads outside the city showing the current status of our weather.

And I did make some St. Patrick's Day crème puffs with mint green filling and chocolate and sprinkles on the top. Delicious!

So my sewing is progressing. I have my ocean waves back from the quilter and have made a scrap binding for it. My goal is to finish the binding this week. 

I also added a 3rd row to my 9 patch scrap quilt. Each row requires 64  3 1/2 inch 9 patches. And many units are already made for the next one. 

I was all set to assemble a quilt where I have made 60  hourglass units with 4 squares ( 5 1/2 inches)   and 110 mini ones (2 1/2 inches)  I ordered a blue fabric that was to be more navy for the setting. But it turned out to be royal blue. So now what to do with 4 and 1/2 yards of it???? And I have to find another navy blue. 

My quilting goals for the week:

Attach and hand sew binding Ocean Waves

Finish quilting  Mini trees and maybe mini hourglass quilt

2 blocks for Snowmen.


  1. Just found you, LOVE the blue in the setting/sashing of the double 9-patch! Will be checking with you for inspiration again!

  2. Love your double 9 patch quilt with the blues. I can't wait to see your Ocean Waves quilt, I've always wanted to make one. What do you do with 4.5 yards of royal blue fabric? Use it for quilt backing! Happy stitching!

  3. Pretty landscape photos, but BRRR! It looks cold! Reminds me of wintry Norway. Love your scrap quilt and blocks, the colorful binding too. Ditto to what Gretchen says; use the 4.5 y royal blue for backing.

  4. Love your scrappy binding! Hope your fabric shopping works out. All our snowy mountains were wet and melted in the recent rain. May get some snow on the peaks tomorrow as the endless river of storms keeps hitting California.

  5. I do like winter, but like you am ready to see some spring!!
    Your quilts are great - I really like all those hourglass blocks.

  6. Hum, yards of royal blue? My first choice would be a backing. It would make a nice background fabric for a scrap quilt. I understand your frustration. I ordered some "red" fabric once and it was really a light red (but not pink.) It is sitting in the stash waiting for it to match something. Hum, I'll have to look at some of my happy blocks that haven't been made into tops yet. It might work for backing for a group of them. Ha! This is a eureka moment for me! Thanks.