Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Broke a tooth!

 I was enjoying a reuben  sandwich with chips and a dill pickle. And all of a sudden I bit something hard. I pulled it out and and saw a nugget of white with gray silvery side. It was a cuspid of a bottom molar.   After an hour or so, I called me emergency number to my dentist as it was Friday evening. I had no pain and so waited until this morning ( Monday). 

And yes, I need a crown.  So I saw the substitute dentist, my older one who retired. And since I can put up with the strangely shaped molar for now, I will wait to see my dentist until 2 weeks from now. 

Most of the snow has melted.  Wisconsin is weird.  People were outside in the 45 degree sunny weather without coats and some in shorts. Go figure!

But I finished my book, Lessons in Chemistry. And I recommend it. It was a fun read and insightful on the 1950s. The chemist lost her job to do being an unwed mother/ widow. Our book group had lots of discussion over the science versus religion, male domination of work and home, as well as other aspects of the book. Very interesting!

As far as quilting, I have started the setting of my hourglass blocks and I like it!

The navy fabric turned out as I had visualized it and provides a nice backdrop for the pattern of the patchwork. The fabric is a small x mark in black of the navy; so it is solid looking.  I have lots more blocks to complete and then to make the setting triangles.  More design work at that point. 

And as for goals,  
 Binding  is on for Ocean Waves and only hand sewn on 1 side.  I need to reattach it as some of it is too wide.

Need binding on the mini quilt and it will be done.

No snowmen. 


  1. I had a crown come off last month after it was in my mouth for 6 years - I had to wait a week to get it put back on - thankfully it was in the very back where it couldn't be seen. I believe in on shorts and 45 - here in Arkansas all winter long at 25-45 I see people in sandals and shorts, t-shirts - I think they are crazy as I do get cold in that weather but you know I rarely wear a jacket unless I know I will be outside for more than walking from the parking lot to the store - although I do keep on in the car in case of car trouble and being stranded. I will wear a scarf around the neck & gloves though as my hands freeze.

  2. It's hard to resist the temptation to poke at the tooth (what's left of it) with your tongue, isn't it? I thought Lessons in Chemistry was terrific! Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I really like where your next quilt is going. I read Lessons in Chemistry, too, and really enjoyed it. It really made me think about the things you mentioned. Hopefully your tooth will be fixed without any issues.