Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Donation quilt

As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a need for quilts for an Indian reservation out west. All I can remember is it is the Lakota tribe and my quilting buddies at church are going to make quilts of lap, twin, and double size to send to them and warm them up.

 I started cutting up my homespuns the last couple nights into 4.5 inch squares and found a red for the centers.   I am trying to balance the dark, starker colors with some rich mellow ones. So now I have 2 piles of fabrics on the floor. Poor hubby! At least it is better than pins on the floor.

I know that others may not like working on the floor, and I do have a cutting table.
But I was an elementary teacher once, and  am used to getting down on the floor even with my grandkids. Plus I used to do all my pattern cutting for clothes sewing on the floors.
It works for me.

Here are some 9 patches before ironing and cutting them up.

It is a nice diversion. Oh, did I hear "Squirrel!"  Sometimes making things for others is very rewarding. Plus, I do have that stash problem.  And of course, I think I need more warm reds, and blues.  I was surprised when I opened up my drawers of collections and didn't have some of the colors, I needed. To buy or not to buy? That is the question?

Here are 7 blocks cut up and rearranged. So good... so far...

Also,I want to thank Nancy Roshto for her wonderful idea of the Double Slice Layer Cake  Pattern.
 It is super easy and from the Missour iStar Quilt Company video here:  Double Slice layer cake pattern.
And I do have layer cake waiting for a purpose.


  1. I like how this is looking - lovely warm colours.

  2. Isn't Nancy the best? I love her. Your homespuns looks fabulous and warm! I just wanted to invite you to link up any charity sewing you do to my linky Sew Some Love. I put it up every Wednesday. Last week's is still open, or you could wait until this coming Wednesday :)

  3. Your quilt makes me want to race upstairs to start on the homespun quilt that has been waiting 21 YEARS to be sewn!!!

    1. You crack me up! I am so loving your personality...kind of like mine. Love reading your blog, too.