Sunday, February 12, 2017

This and that

It's been a day of little projects. Yes, some laundry and cooking (chicken and rice soup)  and even some bubble bread for tomorrow.  But I have been working on of those small monthly projects ( goals to do each month.)

Already have my Stash Bee blocks done for February.

First up I finished a valance to match the curtains I already made my daughter in law.

Then a BOM from my guild meeting this week. Ahhh, spring colors.

Next I really want to do some RSC blocks. It is hard to find teal, aqua, sea green or whatever you want to call it.  I just don't have much at all.

I have worked on my Donation homespuns:  about 20ish 12 inch blocks, that then get quarter cut. 
Arranged and sewn into rows. 48" by 42" at this time.  ( Yes, this is the same block as the Stash Bee above. It is all about color placement.)

And I have ironed all my log cabin and then arranged and put them  together.

All while nursing a cold, using lots of kleenex for the nose and hot water to drink.


  1. You have some fun things going on in your quilty world. Your log cabin blocks are looking great. Hope you get over your cold quickly.

  2. Your log cabin blocks are looking beautiful.

  3. LOVE the addition of 9-Patches within you Log Cabin blocks!! Best of luck scaring up some SEA GREEN for the RSC.

  4. Congratulations for your great work Debbie ! :)