Monday, January 8, 2018

Birthday number 2

I have to show my sewing first.  Here is the paper pieced block for my guild. It is 7 inches. I love the colors. The tan is such a great fabric. Each person will add their own batik inside the Bear Paw. It should be great when put together, as always.

Then I am making progress on my strings. I am cutting my second batch already. And I used the inch and a quarter strings from the hearts.  I hope I don't  have to buy more fabric.
But I am making progress

These will go in between rows of these 6 inch beauties:

And for the birthday boy!  Here he is opening presents with his mom.  He was born 2 months premature due to issues with mom's pregnancy at a mere 2 pounds 15 ounces.  He is still thin ( as was his dad and he wasn't premature.) But he is active running like crazy chasing big brother and jabbering away.  Hard to believe it was just 2 years ago.

Happy 2nd birthday Jensen!  Such  a cutie...

We had the boys for an overnight prior to Sunday dinner...lots of trucks, trains, and blocks to play with Grandpa.

Here is big brother, Jude in a newly found hiding  place.

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  1. Hi Debbie,
    Aww, Jensen and Jude are so darn cute! HB Jensen! All those trucks, trains and blocks sound like so much fun - I know I have a lot of that in my future. Ooh, I love that fabric in the bear paw - especially the background swirly stuff. And your strings will look perfect surrounding those log cabin hearts. I can't wait to see that come together - all the fabrics are so pretty. ~smile~ Roseanne