Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

As my Christmas vacation draws to a close, I am refreshed, refocused and ready for the New Year. And I hope you are, too!

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It has been relaxing to sleep in and I have had a mental countdown of all the days to see just how much I can still accomplish.  But time passes and now is the last day.

I find I am a little abstract random. And sometimes, I bounce from project to project. ( More than I would like to admit.)  I have made progress in cleaning up my cutting table and  my seasonal decoration corner of the basement.  Which is AMAZING!  And I need to make several trips to Goodwill to fulfill some of  the de-cluttering. The first one is already packed.

At the same time, I have been working on 4 quilting projects the last several days:  I have the Patrick Lose table runner progressing well for my daughter in law. Very cute Santa with nice bright Christmas colors and aqua, and will match her dining table.

All that is needed, now, is the trimming and  binding which is a beautiful red.

I have cut out many strips for my 30s log cabin hearts. ( Jo's Country Junction challenge to keep me going on strings)

 The heart block is 6 inches finished and 40 of them were assembled in 2016

The long columns are 10 blocks long. I am going to sew strips of 30s to go in between them to make it big enough for a full size bed.The additional blocks and the columns were assembled this past summer.

This will be for my mom. She still has the first quilt I made for her in the 1980s  It is faded and needs replacing. She was born in the 1930s and had a baby quilt with solid pink and green 30s fabrics.
So I think it is fitting.

I have completed my Stash Bee blocks for January!  Hooray. I like to make 2 to send.
The blocks at this point are 13 1/2 inches.

And I have spent many evenings on the applique to my Kim Diehl log cabin. It is so close to completion; only berries and flowers left to sew on the last 2 borders.

This is prior to any applique work for these longer outside borders..  I have progressed a great deal. I did use Roxanne's Glue baste it to hold it down. It has worked like a charm.

Oh and something else I started: I made the decision to repaint our vanity in the upstairs bathroom which has been white since we moved in some 19 years ago.  I spent an afternoon sorting and emptying all the cupboards and drawers. Then thoroughly washed and scrubbed not only the cabinet, but the doors and moldings of the bathroom. And my dear, dear husband has been kindly doing the priming and painting.  Next step is to paint and miter the new moldings to frame the mirror.

Now for the laundry, cooking, and normal weekend chores.


  1. Wow! You have been busy during your break! A little progress on all quilty items are better than none, and decluttering and cleaning are a must. The quilt for your mother is going to be gorgeous, and I'm sure she is going to love it.

  2. You are amazing in how many quilts you are working on and finishing. I love quilts that have a appliqued border like yours. Someday I will do one; I'm not a fan of appliqueing but I love that type of quilt. My quilting muse, my Aunt Marie, loved doing appliqued quilts. I'm sure your mom will adore her new 30s quilt, it's so pretty. BTW, I'm a concrete sequential, but I have a squirrely brain...maybe I should re-take the test!

  3. Debbie, you have some great projects going! I've never seen log cabin hearts - love those, and perfect for a 30's quilt. Your applique quilt is gorgeous.

  4. Such wonderful projects in the works! Best of luck with them.