Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September morn

 The month made me think of Neil Diamond's song  as I write this contemplating my title.

The first of September and the first day of schools in Wisconsin...It is the second year not to be  teaching. I have mixed feelings still. So much of who I am is about working with kids. And I made many connections to many many students over the years.  I still worry about a few of mine as they are finishing up their high school years. I am even in connection with some graduates and celebrate their recent acceptances to grad school or house purchases, etc. 

I always wanted to be a teacher and I cared so much for the students to be the best they could be.  Not everyone is cut out for college or even needs it to be successful. And some students really struggle in finding themselves amid family issues and mental health issues and trying to fit in. But I wanted them to learn about deadlines and accomplishments and following directions.  I don't think education is all about content so much. I mean who really uses algebra 2 in life!  I think it is more about skills applicable to life: working with all kinds of people whether peers or teachers/bosses, acquiescing to environments for the benefit of all, and so much more. And it is learning to use resources: books, online and PEOPLE!

I will tutor this year.  But I am not at all ready to enter schools amid Covid. I would love to assist classrooms or substitute, but I worry so about the spread of the virus. It is a hot bed of frustration for oh, so many. 

Here's to a good year for all!  

On a quilting note, I have made a second color combination of the Lucy pattern by GE designs. The pattern is striking in its design and has so many potential layouts and colorways to make. I made this for our committee to make the raffle quilt for the quilt show as a sample. The members are truly inspiring quilters to me. 

The colors are teal/aqua and a gray swirl which looks more tan in the picture next to my carpet. 

Although I am no professional quilter or prize winner, I consider myself to be a good quilter with over 35 years of experience.  This pattern tripped my switches.  The bias edges did not seem a problem when sewing them, but were a problem when trimming them. 
These are the cut offs and some of those strips are indeed a half inch. 

Here are a couple blocks before trimming.  Love the effect of the cut and recut blocks. Concept awesome. Bias edges lots of long ones. 
 But even with trimming  and pressing I did not like the final product

It looks so pretty when laid out. 

It looks better on camera.  I just don't like how the corners and lines did not match. 

Oh, well.   It is done.  I think I will finish it into a baby quilt.  ( My original intention anyway. )


  1. sorry you miss teaching - I have known a lot of teachers over time - family and otherwise but most do not miss it and ready to do other things. I agree though about not doing volunteer work at this time in the schools - it is just too dangerous - my doctor told me last year to quit volunteering at the library - I kind of miss it but yet I don't as I was never as busy as I wanted to be - this covid is just dragging on too long for a lot of us that would rather be out doing more

  2. You are very astute in your assessment of what a college degree does for a person. It does not make us smarter, it just provides a means to deal with all types of issues, and positions.

    It took me 30 years at night school to finish my Degree (I worked for the Federal Govt) and I was already a GS14 when I graduated. It was a life long goal and I achieved it. My Mother was a teacher of the Piano and the Classroom. She loved her students. They never forgot her.

    So I totally understand how you miss the children that you taught and how you would love to see how they turn out. They will never forget you - remember that!

    Have a wonderful Labor Day and enjoy your Retirement (well, OK semi-retirement). Being a Tutor is very important now for those children who are not receiving the education that I received when I was in school.

  3. This virus has made so many things so difficult, including volunteering. The children are the ones who are losing the most when dedicated people like you can't work with them. Hopefully things will change in the not too distant future. Your finished quilt is so fun, but I can see who it was frustrating to make. We don't know until we try, though.